Midwives, Doulas, and birth center pros – So, you’ve got a blog. YAY! Blogging is the crucial first step in engaging with search engine optimization (SEO) for your natural birth business. A midwife blog, a doula blog, a birth center blog, whoever you are, and however you plan on using your blog, we want to talk to you about writing the best blog content for your natural birth blog.

Content is king! At least that’s what most marketing professionals (including us!) will tell you. Blogs are an EXCELLENT place to feature your best content! (AND they are EXTREMELY beneficial for SEO) Posting content on your blog is a good way to avoid super long posts on social media AND it brings people to your website. Social media is GREAT for short posts, links, photos, and videos, but it should NOT be used to write lengthy pieces of content. That’s where your blog comes in…

Today we want to share our TOP do’s and don’ts of blog content:

  • DO – Make it relatable to other people. Ask yourself “why would someone want to read my blog content?” and make sure there is more than one answer. If you are only talking about yourself and what YOU do, people will have a hard time relating to your blog. If you want to talk about yourself, make sure to reference how what you are doing can help someone else. People share content when they feel like the information is valuable to someone else.
  • DO – Get creative. When people come to your site and read your content you have that ONE chance to draw them back in. If they finish the first piece of blog content and think, “That was a waste of time,” we can promise they won’t be coming back. That means ALL of your blog content needs to be creative, relatable, and sometimes even clever. There has to be something creative or unique in EVERY piece of content, or you will lose your audience.
  • DO – Stay consistent. If people don’t know WHEN they should come to you, they will forget about you. If your blog content is all over the place, people will forget about you. You should be posting consistently so your audience knows when they should come back and what to expect. Consistency should be a HUGE part of your brand if you want to be successful.
  • DO- Be unique. We are going to be real with you, there are A LOT of doulas, midwives, and natural health professionals in the world. If you are writing blog content, you better believe someone has written about the same thing before. Placenta encapsulation? Done. Cord clamping? Already been done. BUT the benefit of writing about these topics is that YOU are UNIQUE, and you have a unique perspective. Nobody will EVER have the same perspective as YOU do, so take advantage of that. Tell a story or a joke. Make the blog content fun or emotional. Most of all, make it your own. People are coming to you because they want to hear YOUR point of view, so make sure you give that to them.
  • DO – Stick to your niche. If people are invested in your niche and they come back to your blog weekly because they want to learn more, they are going to be really annoyed when you’ve thrown a random vacation post up on your blog. Do NOT post any blog content that you can’t relate back to your niche.
  • DO – Remind them to come back. Make sure you give your readers a reason to come back. Make sure to plan your blog content ahead of time so you can highlight what they will find next time. Finish your content off with a BANG by using a hook like “Come back Next Monday when I share the Top 5 Reasons You Should Avoid an Epidural, you will NOT want to miss these FRIGHTENING statistics!”

If you don’t have the time or tools to write your own blog content, if you’re looking for help optimizing your content for SEO, or if you’re looking to discover your own voice and brand, that’s where we come in. We offer marketing packages for EVERYONE from a single doula all the way up to a busy birthing center. Let’s chat!