Tyler Hixson is a marketing strategist with a passion for building winning brands. Tyler founded Marketing TEA to help businesses discover their brand and tell their story. With widespread experience in natural health marketing, Tyler brings rule-breaking brand strategies to natural birth professionals to engage and empower their communities. Tyler develops creative marketing strategies that launch natural birth professionals into the digital market to grow their businesses and spread their message.

Casey Messmer is a marketing strategist and content writer with years of experience creating brand messaging with blogs, social media, and digital advertising. A certified Google Adwords pro with a track record of bringing massive ROI to digital advertising campaigns, Casey founded Marketing TEA with the desire to help natural birth professionals spread their message and educate their communities about the power to choose alternative medicine during pregnancy and labor. Casey is a mom who has experienced the many roadblocks of the modern delivery with her daughter, and is extremely passionate about spreading the word of natural birth options to educate and empower as many women as she can.