Who Is Marketing TEA?

Marketing TEA Kenzie Finks

Tyler Hixson

Tyler Hixson is a marketing strategist with a passion for growing businesses through content marketing. Tyler founded Marketing TEA to help bridge the gap between business owners and practitioners and their audiences. With widespread experience in digital content marketing, Tyler brings rule-breaking marketing strategies to brands who want to engage and grow their communities. Tyler is a big fan of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, baking sourdough, and reading every tech sci-fi he can get his hands on.

Andrea Hixson

Andrea Hixson is a video producer and operations manager with experience cultivating digital storytelling on a national scale. Andrea’s passion lies in creating the highest quality content possible to help a brand share its message. Andrea has been at the helm of Marketing TEA’s creative productions since our beginning and now organizes our talented production team. Andrea is often found hiking, hunting, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or creating documentaries and taking photos for the Wild Hixsons brand.

Kenzie Finks

Kenzie Finks is a content marketing manager with a huge love for creating in the digital space. She loves getting to work in all aspects of Marketing TEA by planning, organizing, and managing the creation and production of all of our clients’ content. Her “get after it” attitude is the perfect touch for keeping our team on track so we are always delivering our best work. Kenzie likes to say she has no free time anymore since she is a new momma to a sweet little boy, but when she does have a moment it is consumed by taking pictures and creating more content surrounding being a new mom.

Lauren Leopold

Lauren is an assistant project manager who loves all things digital marketing! She can do anything from managing social media content to graphic design, and everything else in between to help your business shine. In her free time, she loves photography, reading, traveling, and hanging out with her dogs!

Andrew Rivenbark

Andrew Rivenbark is a videographer and business manager with a wide variety of industry experience – from live entertainment to e-commerce marketing. Andrew joined Marketing TEA to help our clients create engaging, quality content. His passion for video means that he is constantly learning and working to improve his skills. When not behind the camera, Andrew teaches martial arts as a fourth-degree black belt and enjoys streaming the next greatest show with his wife, cat, and dog.

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