Become Target Famous

Become Target-Famous

Here’s the thing: we make a lot of content here at Marketing TEA. Videos, podcasts, blogs like this one, graphics, photos. And absolutely none of that content is famous, viral, or aggressively reaching the public at large.

So why do we bother to make so much of it? Is it because we hope that one day we will ‘get big’? That’s what a lot of marketers would tell you. They’d advise you to create content with the goal of one day reaching a mass audience of the public. And this is precisely where so many marketers and small business owners completely miss the point of content marketing. Our viewpoint? Become target-famous. So, as we are the experts in non-fame, let’s expand.


Famous Isn’t a Fit for Most People

First, I’m going to attempt to talk you OUT of wanting to be famous. And I know that’s a tall order! It’s tempting to look at the modern influencer and wish we had their reach. But this is where it’s critically important to consider your actual business, your actual goals. As we specialize in working with small businesses, this message is directly to them. I’m not going to tell anyone whether to seek fame or not with their personal brand or if they should franchise their business. But for the small business brands that we mostly work with, it’s often too tempting to consider the idea of large, general public fame for your small business, when this type of fame would, in reality, be a TERRIBLE fit.

Managing a large-scale following for a small business actually comes to mean spending most of your time engaging online with people who either can’t or won’t actually patronize your business. And as a business, your bias for your own service or product will always come through to your audience. Again, do what you will with your personal brand or your franchise, but stop worrying about large-scale fame on a national level with people who may or may not be able to patronize your business, and start focusing instead on target-fame.


What Is Target-Fame?

What we’re describing when we say Target-Fame is becoming well-known, followed by, engaged with, and recommended by ONLY people who are able to patronize your business, work in your industry, or engage in your philosophy. The part where most people get confused is that this audience may be a wide range of sizes. Again, since we’re mostly addressing small businesses with a local service to offer, the size of audience will often be smaller.

However, even if we’re talking about a consulting business, a national online product store, or virtual classes available internationally, while the audience is likely to be larger, we STILL advocate that becoming target-famous – reaching the people we defined above – is far more beneficial than becoming famous to the entire general public with the BIG ol numbers. Reach those who are benefited by being reached by you. This is where great content marketing comes in. And no one does that better than us.


What Should You Do to Become Target-Famous?

I’d like to point out again that every piece of advice we offer here at Marketing TEA is something we’ve ACTUALLY done for ourselves. We practice what we preach, and we’ve done all of these things to become target-famous in the specific niche industries that we work with. 

1. Commit to creating useful content

Find the format of content that you are gifted with and is the easiest for you to get yourself to do regularly, and create a LOT of content full of useful info, entertainment, or both for your target audience. Are you best on video? Can you podcast as much as Tyler (doubtful) or do you love to write? Use your strengths and create content that speaks to your audience, and don’t worry about pleasing anyone but that audience and yourself. 

2. Advertise specifically

This should be obvious, but it’s missed too often. The point of creating all that great content is to then utilize it to reach your target audience. And while you are still building your audience, you can use ads for incredibly reasonable prices to do that. Videos tend to be the most cost-effective, but there are ways to advertise all types of content to that target audience. And you’ll find that if you take your targeting seriously on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or any other platform that speaks to your audience, you are able to target some SCARY-specific demographics. Get into it and narrow things down until you are reaching exactly who you want in that target-fan-club.

3. Don’t be vanilla

We saved the absolute best advice for last. The entire point of becoming target-famous is to reach ONLY those people who are a good fit for your brand or business. Which means that the most powerful thing about it is that you are actively trying to narrow down your audience. When trying to build a massive general public audience, your brand has to try to please everyone (which is impossible anyway), and that becomes a major hindrance for brands that try to do it.

Every moment is a PR crisis. When you share an actual stance that your brand has (like our stance that stock photos and whiteboard videos are stupid), you are narrowing down and removing from your potential audience all the people who would never be a good fit for you anyway. That’s a massive timesaving benefit. In my case, I’ll move forward and people won’t call me who want stock photos and whiteboard videos.


So go to it! Create your content, and become famous ONLY with the target that actually matters to your business regardless of the wide range of numbers that could mean. Forget the haters, and use your time wisely. And hey, if it’s wiser to get some help creating that content (it usually is), let’s talk about it together sometime.