Power of Content Calendars

The Power of Content Calendars | Spill the TEA with Kenzie

Social media is no walk in the park. It takes a lot of work from planning, editing, writing, photographing, posting, engaging… there are a TON of steps. With so many things to do, it can be challenging to stick to a plan or remember when things need to happen without a content calendar. In the past, I found things would easily fall through the cracks or I would be stressfully running from task to task when I didn’t use a calendar. A content and/or social media calendar will help you stay on top of your game and post relative content in a timely manner, which will translate into more followers and more business. 

What is a content calendar? 

A content calendar is simply a live document that helps you outline and visualize the content you will post for your marketing and social channels. It can take the form of an actual calendar, a spreadsheet, a notebook, or (my personal favorite) a project management app or website. Another way to customize it is doing it annually or monthly as well as having one separately for all social channels or combining them into one large calendar. 

Why use a content calendar?

A content calendar is the solution to all things. It lets you plan ahead of time and it takes the stress away of trying to come up with something to post on the spot when you realize you have been slacking on your social accounts. When you have a content calendar in place, you can write the content ahead of time, so you are ready to hit publish when the time comes. 

How to create a content calendar?

This can go in a million different directions, but a good place to start is determining your ideal content mix. For many businesses, this usually ranges from product pictures, employee spotlights, trending topics in the industry, relatable memes, and educational posts to help your audience learn more about the topics you are most knowledgeable in. Regardless of what content you’ll use, at Marketing TEA we stress the importance of using ORIGINAL content.

How to get content?

A great tip is to content batch! This is where you take a whole bunch of photos in one day in multiple outfits and locations that you can then use for a few months to come. This allows you the ability of not having to worry about constantly taking pictures or developing content. In fact, this is what we specialize in at Marketing TEA through our custom Content Sessions! They are an amazing way to showcase behind the scenes moments that you wouldn’t normally have a chance to show, as well as the opportunity of talking and sharing with your audience about exactly what you do.

By having a content calendar in place, it makes it easier for you to spend more time creating content that converts business and helps you stay organized and grow at the same time. But it all starts with killer content. Drop us a line, so we can bring a Content Session to you!