Questions to Ask a Midwifery Marketer

Questions to Ask a Midwifery Marketer

Midwifery marketing and birth center marketing has been at the heart of Marketing TEA since we were founded in 2016. We’ve worked with midwives and birth centers all over the entire country, literally from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between creating marketing strategies, traveling for our Content Sessions, and creating content that has reached millions of midwifery and birth center clients who, without that content, may never have heard of natural birth options! It’s an amazing job, and we’re grateful for all of the midwives and birth centers that have been a part of it. 

But we’re not just here to brag about ourselves (well, we kind of are), we’re actually here to discuss some major points of interest that midwives and birth center owners should absolutely check in with their prospective marketer about before signing that marketing contract. These are some top questions or things to check up on before getting involved with a birth center marketer or midwifery marketer:

1. What content will we actually use?

This is huge for us at Marketing TEA. We’ve written about the importance of content a number of times, but to cover it here briefly: content is anything that your midwifery business is going to use or create to post on your site or social media – blogs, graphics, videos, photos, podcasts, etc. WAY too many marketers are completely comfortable skipping this question. Extra comfortable, in fact, because those marketers can put their feet up and download stock photos, outsource whiteboard videos, and share posts from other accounts that are EASY to post up on your social media.

It requires almost zero work! Isn’t that great? Maybe for the marketer, but not for you. Creating a real online presence for your midwifery practice or birth center means creating genuine, original pieces of content that are actually of YOU and your team. There’s no substitute for the real thing. 

And yes, it takes work, but that’s why at Marketing TEA, we created our Content Sessions, which are the simplest way to rip off the content creation bandaid. We come to you, and we create real content together. We aren’t satisfied to kick our feet up and skip this important question, and you shouldn’t be either.


2. Do you use the strategies you recommend for my birth center or midwifery practice?

You might be surprised to find out how few marketers out there actually practice what they preach. But if they don’t use a certain strategy to grow their own business, why should you use it to grow yours? One of the easiest examples we can highlight relates to your marketer’s social media and content calendar. So, so many marketers propose that you have a constant stream of content going out on your social media when they themselves can BARELY keep up a regular posting schedule.

That should lead you to ask a few follow up questions to yourself: Do they actually believe that content marketing works? If so, why don’t they create content for themselves? Are they afraid to get on camera often? Then why are they asking me to do it!? And the more insidious question: What if they just aren’t creative enough to make content? Or disciplined enough to keep up with a posting schedule? If that’s the case, how can they possibly be creative and organized enough to set up your marketing plans for success? 

At Marketing TEA, we’ve always practiced what we preach – maybe to a fault. We create a LOT of content, so we’ve never left anyone with any doubts that we can manage to remain creative, keep up a content calendar, and be brave enough to get in front of the camera as often as we are behind it. 


3. How will our marketing strategy evolve?

This one’s crucial! Most marketers have a specific set of services that they offer to your birth center or midwifery practice. That means that they absolutely have a horse in the race, if you will, about what your strategy should be. If they specialize in Google Ads, we can guarantee that Google Ads will always be a part of your services, whether or not they are really the best thing out there for you.

Most agencies are set up to run this way, offering a specific set of deliverables that they are unable to change even as your business grows and evolves. It’s actually where most marketing agencies or external marketers seem to have a weakness compared to hiring an in-house marketer. The in-house marketer is only concerned with what is working NOW, while the agency usually has a specific range of work available that never changes.

Once again, we’ve created an amazing workaround at Marketing TEA that lets us compete with the evolving abilities of an in-house marketer while bringing the strengths of a marketing agency. We call it our Custom TEA Blend, and what it means is that every single quarter, we reevaluate everything we are doing with your birth center or midwifery practice’s marketing and create a new set of deliverables that match your actual growth without the need to always change your pricing! Yea, we’re pretty proud of this one, and it’s perfect for the natural birth industry. 


4. Do you understand natural birth? 

Once again, there are a lot of marketers who see the midwifery and birth center world as a great opportunity to sell marketing services, but they don’t necessarily understand what you do. I’m not saying your marketer needs their own midwifery license, but as a marketer, you’ve absolutely got to understand what you are selling to your audience.

It’s not hard to tell on a quick phone call with a marketer whether or not they understand what midwifery is, what a birth center does, or how you measure your success in the birth industry.

Our goal in creating Marketing TEA is to specifically provide midwives and birth centers with marketing strategies that directly understood the services we were promoting. And now in our 6th year serving the midwifery industry, working with birth centers, midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, prenatal chiropractors, you name it, we’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge about natural birth. Quiz us sometime. And quiz your own marketer too. 


There are many more questions than this to ask your potential marketer, but we think these 4 are a MAJOR way to rule out the ubiquitous marketers out there who don’t have a clue who you are, who prefer the easy way over the good way, and who know how to be creative and grow with your business.

We’re proud to say we pass the test on every point, and we truly hope that you find a marketer who can say the same for your birth center or midwifery practice. And sure, we hope that’s us, so let’s have a chat anytime and you can ask us these questions and many more to see if we’d be a good fit for you.