5 Tips for Staying Active Working From Home

5 Tips for Staying Active When You Work From Home


Marketing TEA is a fully remote company. That means that aside from our super fun Content Sessions that we get to do with our clients, we work from home every day! If you are in a similar situation, you might get the feeling of being cooped up. Maybe that is just an us thing, but we don’t think so! 

It can be easy when you work from home to avoid physical activity. You go from bedroom to living room to dining room and just never get out of the work mindset. We have all been there. 

If you need a few tips for staying active when you work from home, keep reading for 5 tips to kick that stationary lifestyle to the curb!



1. Yoga

Yoga is probably the easiest thing to do literally anywhere. Obviously, it’s a fun and healthy way to move your body, but it’s also super useful when it comes to taking care of the muscles you ignore when you sit and work for hours at a time. It requires little to no equipment and you can do it just about anywhere, making it the perfect way to get active at home. 



2. Walk

Going for walks is a fun way to clear your head, get some fresh air, and get those creative juices flowing. You can always step outside your door and do a quick little walk, find a nearby park, OR if it’s a tight squeeze you can even walk around your home. Walking encourages our brain to release endorphins and boost our mental health. It doesn’t matter where you do it, you will reap those rewards! In fact, Tyler basically built Marketing TEA while walking around outside on every phone call for the first several years of our growth.



3. Standing Desk

A great way to stay active even while you are working is by a standing desk. Did you know that standing lowers your risk of weight gain, heart disease, and reduces back pain? Who knew that just by standing you could really improve your overall health! 



4. Workout equipment 

Speaking of working out while working, there is equipment out there now, like a desk elliptical, that you can use to get your body moving while your fingers are typing away. It’s not quite the same as moving your whole body, but some movement is better than none!



5. Put it in your calendar

Lastly, put it in your calendar! It is time to make your health a priority. Working doesn’t have to be in 8 long straight hours. You can easily split up your day by adding in a workout in the middle, and we bet this will help your overall workout productivity as well! 


We hope these tips help you move your body this week!