AI - What is it and Should we use it

AI – What Is It and Should We Use It?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been all the craze in marketing lately. While it is not new (the earliest successful AI program was actually written in 1951), it certainly is exploding in our modern society. AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes created by machines, specifically computer systems. 

You can use AI for things such as personalized shopping, fraud prevention, administrative tasks, personalized learning, autonomous vehicles, and much much more! But can artificial intelligence be useful in marketing? Let’s find out!

1. Data analysis 

This is the core element of AI. Artificial intelligence is able to process large amounts of data that you get from consumer engagement, new business generation, communication and social media data and use that to produce and predict outcomes of your audience. This is helpful because it can tweak things like your ad campaigns quickly and efficiently to get the most out of them. By using behavioral analysis and pattern recognition, you can ensure better results and reduce feelings of distrust and annoyance to your audience that might not be interested. 

2. Routine tasks

AI can be handy in helping you out with routine tasks like compiling performance and campaign reports and by running chatbots or responding to messages. AI uses natural language processing and can respond in real time to anyone using a live chat. This could be helpful with your Facebook messenger or even if you have a chat feature on your website to help field basic questions. 

3. Writing

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? Well AI could help you out with that too! It is not a bad tool to get inspiration and spark some creative ideas, but we advise being careful how you use it. It isn’t exactly perfect and it doesn’t guarantee that your content will be original – meaning it doesn’t belong to you and might be pulled from other articles on the big old web. This could harm your SEO score overall since that is based on original content. 

Ways Social Media Platforms Use AI

If you are curious if other people are using AI – they are. Let’s think about social media. Instagram uses AI to take into account the things you are liking and following, and that is what they use to determine what type of content to push your way. That is why your explore tab is filled with things you like and are interested in. Twitter has been using AI as well in a few different capacities. They use it for fraud detection and for removing propaganda content.

AI has come a long way, but we think it still has a way to go. While it can be super helpful in some basic tasks or handling more things in the background, there are just some things that need to be a face to face interaction. But in the meantime it is still a fun thing to dive into and see ways to use it in your business! Rest assured, we’ll be exploring and testing AI for use in marketing in the same way that we experiment with all new technologies here at Marketing TEA!