Authentic vs Aesthetic Photos

Authentic vs. Aesthetic Photos in Marketing


In the world of social media, everyone is craving authentic content and that means authentic imagery as well! With the rise of Instagram and the process of creating perfectly curated feeds of beautiful images that are only showing the highlight reel of one’s life, it has left many feeling less than satisfied. 


We can’t blame them!


Marketing TEA has always been about showing authentic content of YOUR actual staff and YOUR facilities showcasing YOUR amazing services you provide everyday to all of the families you work with! 


We like to think we have even been able to blend authentic content with aesthetic looking content to get the best results for your marketing. So what is the difference between authentic and aesthetic content, and why is it important? 


Creating authentic content is all about producing something real and actual. Not a posed model in a set up location. When you show your team doing what you do every day, you are showing the true magic of the services you provide. You are also being honest in your marketing because people know who and what care they are getting before actually coming to your business. 


This leads to better connections and stronger relationships since trust has been established. Which in turn leads to repeat business and GREAT reviews. All good for business! 


We still think it is important for content to look good though! That means you still want high quality images and video. Which means focusing on good lighting, using good equipment, and showing that effort was put behind the content. 


If you need help creating authentic, engaging content, we are only a message away