FAQs on Content Marketing

Some Recent Birth Center FAQs on Content Marketing


Tyler here – I decided to jump on and whip up a blog post today because I’ve been getting a LOT of similar questions from the birth centers I’ve been talking to lately. It’s one of the greatest benefits of working with practices all over the country; we get to learn at scale and take the most important marketing lessons with us to affect change on a national level. Yea, it’s pretty cool.


With Kenzie gone on her maternity leave, leading to far less time for me to rant out my thoughts on our Socially Unstable podcast, I’ve got some thoughts just sitting there brewing, and it’s time to let ‘em out. Let me bring up some of the most recent FAQs I’ve been getting from birth center and midwifery practice owners:


How can we hope to keep up with all of the social media platforms we’re supposed to be on?


You can’t. And you probably shouldn’t. Assuming your goal is to grow your midwifery business, not to become a social media influencer, it’s FAR more important to make sure you’re on the platforms that reflect you and that reflect your client base than to try to be everywhere all at once. Fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be – what we want is to create a genuine picture of your business in a place where the people we WANT to connect with can connect with you, and that’s it. 


Now, don’t read that as me giving you permission to slack on content. You have to be aggressive with your content, it’s just that it’s most important to be targeted with that aggressive content creation. That’s why we use our annual Content Sessions, where we gather all the content we need in one short, bandaid-rippin’ shoot to grow aggressively on the platforms we need to grow on.


How do I get my team to be alright with being on camera?


First of all, even I’m not alright with being on camera all the time. No one is, outside of a very small percentage of people. But the thing is that 9 times out of 10, when people picture what it will be like to create content at a Content Session with us, they picture it all wrong. What people picture is creating a massive amount of videos, coming up with creative things to say or do, managing a huge video shoot and all the technicalities that go along with it. But when they picture that, they’re picturing OUR job! Those are all the things that I’m going to deal with at our Content Session. 


So what should you visualize? Literally this: showing up for a normal day of clinic and doing your appointments (with a little extra company), and taking 30 minutes to sit down and talk with someone asking questions no more complex than you’d answer at a first appointment with a new client. No joke, that’s it. 


How do we know if it’s working?


To truly answer this question would take its own full blog post – maybe 2 or 3 actually, but I’ll do my best to sum it up. First of all, you never “know’ when it comes to marketing, and anyone who says they do is probably trying to sell you a marketing package. We have some metrics that are worth looking at, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to an insanely complicated ratio of all the things that matter: taking into account how many leads you’re getting, how good of a fit they are for your services in the long term, how many people that new lead will bring with them because of their experience, whether they “get” what you’re all about upfront, how many you close, and probably even more. And your business also depends on how you can grow your team and hire new help, whether your billing is working like it should; therefore allowing you to give great service to all your new clients. 


I’m already not doing a great job shortening this answer… But what’s worth noticing is that it’s complicated as a business owner to know what individual thing is working and what is coming up short because everything affects everything else. I consider the same things as a business owner all the time! 


What we CAN do is implement our best practices to track the traffic, engagement, growth, and conversions over time, adjust our strategies based on those results with our Custom TEA Blend approach, and continue to improve. When you utilize content marketing, it means we can be here to test and evaluate strategies, not push one option to its breaking point. And we know for certain that that’s a unique thing in this world of marketing.


Hopefully some of that info helps you out of a mental jam OR inspires you to get in touch and send us a question or to. I’d love to chat anytime.