What is Content Recycling

Content Recycling – What is it and How to Implement it?


Content recycling is just how it sounds! It is when you repost or reshare your previous content across your brand’s social media channels. There are no rules, so you can simply reshare your content OR you can take your old content and use it to create entirely new content. 


So I guess you are probably wondering: Why would someone want to do this? Well, there are a few benefits to content recycling, so sit back and enjoy the read! 


Benefits of content recycling: 

  • Maximize your efforts. When you repurpose your existing content it helps you spend less time creating new content and magnifies your existing content. Often, if the content was good the first time, it’s still good the 2nd time, and now more people will have the chance to see it.
  • Keep your feed active. While we like to think we will keep up the content schedule, there are some times where life happens, the new content starts to drop off, we get it. Repurposing content helps keep your feed active even in those lull times. 
  • Building upon concepts. We learn new things all the time, so if you published a concept a year ago, it is safe to say you might have more information or thoughts on that topic now. You can keep your content fresh by adding in new concepts.  


Ways to repurpose your content:

  1. Turn podcast episode into quote graphic posts
  2. Turn a video into a blog post
  3. Turn your previous blogs into an ebook
  4. Turn your ebook into bite sized video snippets


And the list goes on and on! 


While we did say that there aren’t rules to this, and that is entirely true, there is one piece of advice we’d like to offer: Don’t over-recycle. You do not want to use the same exact content and just repost it over and over and over again. This isn’t showing anything new or providing value to your audience. We would suggest spacing this out and making sure you are taking your best of the best content that you know would benefit your followers. 


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