Evolution of Marketing TEA

Evolution of Marketing TEA


Tyler here – I don’t think any of us find the time to really zoom out and reflect on all the ways our businesses have evolved over the years, but it’s a CRUCIAL thing to do! It’s a time to consider how we’ve changed, celebrate the things we’ve improved on, and embrace the next phase of challenges as a finite and tackle-able thing because we see how strong we’ve become. We’ve seen so many things change for us here at Marketing TEA and for our amazing midwifery & birth center clients too since we started up (nearly 7 years ago I think, wow!) How has your business changed over the last 7 years? I’d wager quite a bit if you’re anything like us or our amazing clients.


Today it’s my chance to share some of the amazing new things going on behind the scenes, walk you through our journey, and point at some of the great landmarks ahead. And it goes without saying, but I’ll say a huge thank you anyways to our incredible clients, colleagues, and even the haters for being with us over the years. Let’s take a look inside the machine:


1. From basement to the ether


Like all mentionable startups, Marketing TEA started in a basement! Many, many late nights hustling for website projects where I could build a portfolio and some credibility in the world of marketing. Spending hours upon hours trying to learn about our core market in midwifery – at the time it was all brand new to me. Handling EVERY ounce of work internally amongst our very tiny team, and not doing a whole lot of sleeping. We had some breakthroughs, we narrowed our focus, we learned the pitfalls and built up stronger and stronger. Andrea and I moved out to Colorado and the basement phase turned into an apartment phase. And after several years and adding incredible team members like our Project Manager Kenzie (you all know her, she’s the one who gets stuff DONE), we made a decision to embrace our Content Sessions fully. So Andrea and I moved into the RV and took our Content Sessions on the road, traveling full time for the last nearly 4 years from client to client, shoot to shoot, building on the concept that creating original content for our clients was the long-term winning strategy in marketing. And for those of our clients who saw the vision with us, boy are they cashing in on that now with lines out the door. On the road we also created our Custom TEA Blend, where our whole strategic team sets our clients’ direction once every quarter, allowing us to remain flexible on the services we needed to offer without constantly adjusting price, and further bringing us the ability to bring winning strategies from our clients on one side of the nation to others with similar needs! Now our WHOLE growing team is entirely remote because who needs an office anyway?


2. Expanding sessions and regions, customizing the world


Enter the newest phase of our journey. In case you missed the fun news, Andrea and I have made the move to our favorite place, Texas! We’re ready to settle down from our travels for awhile and have the chance to put down some roots. We’ve been keeping it real via our Wild HIxsons brand and engaging in so many new projects now that we have the time to sit still (not literally, as I’m pretty certain I’ve never been this busy in my life). All of this made possible by the addition of our Content Session Manager Andrew onto the team. Andrew jumped on the bandwagon to help us accommodate Content Sessions that Andrea and I simply could not make it to on our increasingly full travel schedule. His passion for videography and photography has massively boosted the effectiveness of our Content Sessions and even opened up more of the Northeast US region for us, which was the hardest place for Andrea and I to get out to. Suddenly, I wasn’t spending all day, every day in Content Sessions and/or traveling to Content Sessions and new possibilities began to emerge: More opportunities for us to open our services to entirely new types of clients where formerly we had been quite narrow, more opportunities for individual projects, and overall the greater ability for us to customize the incredible work our team does for the needs of our clients. WOW.


3. Journey ahead


So what’s next for Marketing TEA? Well, first let me ask what’s next for you? How have you changed since 2016? Do you have new challenges? Do you need new growth? And a key indicator of a business owner’s position in my opinion: Has your time or your money become more valuable? Our doors are open, our approach has evolved, our expertise has widened, our plans have become more customized. I hope you feel the same. 


Our next steps are underway – new opportunities to offer a wider array of services to this amazing market in areas we literally never dreamed of when we set up shop in the basement many years ago. I can’t say a whole lot about it just yet, but if you like fireworks, you should probably stay tuned. And have a chat with the team if you’re curious how we’ve changed and what our latest iteration could do for you.