How to Create Authentic Content

How Do You Create Authentic Content?


Authenticity. It seems like that is what everyone is searching for these days across social media. But how do you create authentic content? By creating content with the goal of being authentic, do you ironically become inauthentic? Check out this post to dig deeper into this topic and see how to incorporate authenticity into your marketing! 

What does authentic content mean?

Authentic content is any type of medium you create to use on your website or social platforms that is honest, genuine, and is offering more to the consumer than just a mere product or service. It is essentially bringing humanity into your brand through information or entertainment!

Why is authentic content important?

Well if you break it down and first think about why authenticity is important, it is because being authentic contributes to happiness, fulfillment and your overall well being. When you are honest about who you are, you are more likely to be confident and believe in yourself. Same goes with content! 

When you create authentic content, you are contributing to the overall happiness and relatability of your audience. Thus, increasing engagement and adding value to your business. And let’s not forget one other component: When you are authentic in your content, you tend to attract the client base that you ACTUALLY want! Trying to appeal to everyone will bring you clients that are not a good fit for your business.

What are examples of authenticity?

Some key components of authenticity are: self-awareness, responsibility, self-expression, integrity, vulnerability, and passion. Things that make a person or a brand who they are! 

How do you create authentic content?

You might think that creating authentic content is a bit tricky, but really it’s not! The key is to just BE YOURSELF! The best way to get started is to use the list above and think about how you would describe your business using them. 

  • What is your responsibility in your business? 
  • What are you passionate about in your business?
  • What greater goal are you trying to achieve in your business? 


Once you answer these questions, be honest, open, and vulnerable with your responses and then use that to create blogs, videos, images, podcasts – you name it – to create authentic content!

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