Social Media Cross Promotion

How to Cross Promote Using Social Media


Have you found yourself falling victim to low engagement rates across different platforms? You aren’t the only one! With all of the updates and changes to the algorithms, some have found it difficult to reach new eyes, but cross-promotion on social media can help! Cross-promotion has become a popular choice as people and businesses have worked to get seen by more people.


Cross promotion on social media is the act of promoting a topic in conjunction with another person or business; double the following, double the view, attention, and engagement. 


You can now easily cross-promote content on Instagram and Facebook by using their collabs feature. This feature allows people to co-author a post or reel. Meaning that both names appear on the header, and the post will share to both sets of followers, live on both profile grids, and share views, likes, and comments helping you garner a total collective engagement from both followings. 


The next time you are needing a little boost consider creating a cross-promotion campaign with someone that your audience would relate to as well! Here are a few ideas for cross-collaborating with people in your field: 


  • Co-host an event that you cross-promote across your social media channels to get a large turnout.
  • Find a blogger or influencer in your area and have them create content for you that you can share across both profiles.
  • Try a virtual market day where you pair up with a small group of similar businesses, and all offer a special discount for a certain 24-hour period that you can create collaboration posts around for your feed.


The main reason for using collabs and cross-promotion on social media is for discoverability and engagement, but to do that you need to have strong content that your audiences will want to engage with. Send us a message, and we can help you make content that matters!