How to Sell Your Brand

How to Sell Your Brand

When it comes to marketing, a lot of people try to sell their product and not their brand. Like most things, there is a time and place for both, but we like to think that selling your brand will help you more in the long run! 

Are you thinking, what is the difference between selling my product and selling my brand? Probably. But it’s simple. Your product, service, or ‘business’ is what you do. Your brand is why you do what you do. It’s the reasoning behind your service or product. And it is what sets you apart from your competition. This is why knowing how to sell your brand is so important.

You need to sell your brand to your community, get them on board with a movement that you are fronting. To do that, try these three tips!


Use Umbrellas

Try to keep your brands under one roof. Many people develop too many brands and then try to separate them as different entities, meaning different names, logos, colors, social media accounts, content, etc. This ends up harming their reach. Instead we recommend our clients to make umbrellas for your brands to try to keep everything interconnected. If you have an overarching brand that has separate services stem off of it but still presents as a cohesive unit, this helps your reach and helps build brand awareness and loyalty!


Create Content

A brand is nothing without actual content to back it. This means you need to create content that not only sells your service, but also sells your story! At Marketing TEA we have always been in the business of creating content that is centered around YOU! We believe that creating unique, original content gives brands the ability to truly connect and build relationships. You’ve gotta give people what they want, and that is content that inspires and connects them to something more meaningful than just a product or service.


Involve Your Team first

If anyone should know what the brand or ‘feel’ of the movement is, it’s your team. Don’t skip times to get everyone brought up to speed and trained on what you are trying to do. If everyone that is selling your business also believes in the meaning behind, it then your brand will sell itself! We like to get the whole team involved when we travel to our clients for Content Sessions. They back your business and they believe in what you are doing.


Are you ready to start selling your brand? Let’s do it together