Impactful Video Ideas for Your Business

Impactful Video Ideas for Your Business

One man’s routine task is another man’s sought-after piece of knowledge. When you’re doing your day-to-day job, many things may seem mundane to you, but you could be missing out on creating seriously engaging content for your business! We have so many impactful video ideas for your business so you can really go to the next level with your content!

Customers and clients love to see what your business does every day and what you have to offer, but sometimes you might get a little lost on what parts of your business you should showcase to get your clients more excited about your business.

Here are a few of our favorite video ideas that will bring traffic to your business.


Meet the Team

Invariably, the success of a business depends on the people behind the brand. That is why you should honor them by giving your audience a glimpse of their faces and personalities. 

For each employee, give them a chance to introduce themselves, and then you can ask a couple of questions for your viewers to get to know them better. The better your clients know the people behind the company, the stronger the connection they have with your business.


FAQ and Q&A

FAQ videos are a great way to answer questions that your clients may have about your business, services, or any other topic. They allow you to really explain the answer fully and offer solutions to your clients.


Explainer Videos

People love information and learning! Explainer videos are the simplest way to present a difficult topic and break it down into easily digestible points. 

Explainer videos can also be used to explain how your services differ from other similar services and what makes your business unique. Many people fear ‘giving too much away’ in explainer videos. We don’t think it’s possible. The only thing giving information away can do is show people that you are the expert at what you do.



Another impactful video idea for your business is customer testimonials. These videos help your company gain credibility, show that you are trustworthy, and demonstrate from an outsider how it feels working with your business and the outcome.

Testimonials don’t have to be just from clients! This can also be a video testimonial of how an employee found their dream job with your company and can showcase their love for what they do.



Infographic videos can be eye-grabbing and capture the attention of your audience. This is also a great way to present some complex information in a quick snapshot that is easy to  understand and retain.


Behind the Scenes

Clients love to see how you do your business. A behind-the-scenes video gives your clients a sneak peek into how your business operates every day. 

These videos show the human part of your business, making your customers more interested in what your business is offering.

We hope this gets your gears turning on your next video idea! When in doubt, show some personality and what gets you excited about what you do. If you are engaging your audience and enthusiastic about what you do, your clients will be too!