Marketing TEA's Content Session Breakdown

Marketing TEA’s Content Session Breakdown


Are you thinking about doing something new with your marketing in 2023? Maybe you have come across Marketing TEA and thought that we could help you elevate your content. We most certainly can help! 


At Marketing TEA, our approach to your marketing is always a custom blend of the most effective strategies we’ve seen work for businesses just like yours all across the country. All of our services revolve around our key approach of creating a strong brand built on challenging content that engages, informs, and intrigues your target clientele. Every Marketing TEA client begins with a custom strategy designed by our team that matches your goals for growth, complements your core values, and of course fits your budget.


Once we do this, we ALWAYS start with a Content Session! Since content is at the heart of what we do here, we love coming to meet you and capturing all of the best content for us to use throughout the year. To help you find out what we mean by a Content Session, here is a little overview! 


A Content Session is usually one to two days of capturing video and photo content. Our team sends you everything you need to know before we come, like how to plan for your clients, what you might want to wear, and everything you should expect. Then, we show up and take care of the rest. We take video interviews with you, your core team, and your clients for testimonials. Then we hop in to capture b-roll footage and photos of your team in action, during appointments, talking to families, and cute little babies doing their thing! We LOVE capturing you just how you would do these things in your normal environment so we can create marketing that is authentic and true to your story! 


After capturing all of this over the span of the session, we come back and process all of that content and use it to create meaningful videos and photos that we post throughout the year. You get all of your content for a year done in 2 days max… can you believe it?! 


We then use this content to make ads and any other kind of marketing materials you might need. The best part about our Content Sessions is that they are all completely customizable to you and your business. We can highlight key topics for you so you have a marketing strategy that works! 


Are you ready to start planning your Content Session with us? We can’t wait to chat