Marketing Tips for Fitness Brands

Marketing Tips for Fitness Brands

Marketing TEA has always been a brand that is based on health and wellness. Our focus has been on holistic businesses that are working to change healthcare in a big way. Whether that is midwifery care, dentistry, chiropractic care, and even fitness through martial arts! 

Our team members each have their own love for staying healthy through hiking, jiu jitsu, running, rock climbing, and other fun workouts. We know the importance of being invested in the mission of our brand. That encourages passion and success for everyone! With our love for fitness and wellness, we can’t wait to help you market your fitness brand in the best way possible.

If you own a gym or wellness brand, keep reading for a few marketing tips for the new year!


1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great resource for gyms and other fitness businesses, but most people use it all wrong. The best way to use email marketing in an effective way is by giving your audience useful information which will, in turn, convert them into loyal customers. That’s actually the basis of all of our content marketing. If you are a fitness-based business, you have great resources, information, and perspectives to send to your clients. You can send workout tips, nutrition tips, or showcase how to learn a new fitness move. Whatever it may be, these are all great resources for your clients to see your knowledge on topics and to take it, grow, and come back for more!

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing is the way for all things marketing. We say this again and again because of how true it is, but if you aren’t using video or if you are doing the bare minimum with video, you are missing out. Especially as a fitness brand. A lot of people learn from watching, particularly when it comes to working out. Seeing pictures as a brand follower can be difficult when it comes to communicating the movements of a person. It can also be hard to see someone’s personality in a still photo. Video helps with all of that. Fitness brands can utilize video by creating short teaching videos or even long-form informational videos on their philosophy, their equipment, and their space. 

3. Review Campaigns

Reviews are everything for most businesses. If your business is lacking in this department, it might be time to start a review campaign. Encouraging reviews establishes you as the expert and professional that you are. And if you think about it, a major way that people look up fitness gyms or other wellness professionals is through Google and other directory services. Plus, having more reviews helps your SEO ranking on Google, allowing you to populate on the first page for more people. 


We know it can be a little overwhelming to throw in new marketing strategies, but we are always here to help you along your journey to success. If you want to reach more people and help them with their fitness goals, send us a message to chat!