Monetary Rewards with Instagram Reels

Monetary Rewards with Instagram Reels

Something that you might not have known about Instagram Reels is that Instagram has rolled out a program where they are paying creators for views on Reels! To give you a little bit of context if you haven’t been creating Reels yet for your business; Reels are short, entertaining videos on their app where you can really bring your brand to life! Think TikTok or even way back in the day… Vine! 


If you have been on Instagram lately, you know that Reels have been a BIG push for them. 


In order to keep up with their competitor platforms, they are encouraging their users to create content in the app and rewarding them by pushing their videos in the algorithm. But now there are other avenues they are exploring to help not only compete but also dominate in this space. That is through monetary rewards! 

Many platforms have offered creator accounts where their users could create content and make money like on YouTube for example. Once you reach a certain threshold they set, you can apply to make money off the ad revenue from your videos.

Instagram started their Reels Play Bonus Program late in 2021, but it seems to be becoming a bit more mainstream lately with other creators. Since the program is still in the early stages, it is not available to all creators. To be eligible for the program, Instagram said a user needs to be 18 years old and meet the platform’s partner monetization policies that include a “sufficient follower base” but this seems to range widely from 800 to 59,000 followers.


What we know about the program: 


  • You have 30 days once you access the program to earn money on your reels
  • You can choose as many reels as you’d like to count toward the bonus earnings
  • You earn money based on the performance of your reel
  • The amount you earn can fluctuate


While this is still new and a bit confusing for the creators that have started using it, there is opportunity there for some type of money to be made. Creators have reported making as much as $600 to $35,000 if a video hits all the right marks.

This program is interesting and something we will definitely be keeping our eye on to see if it could be a great opportunity for businesses!