Should You BeReal

Should You BeReal?


When you see this title you might think, “Well, of course I should be real.” However, we don’t mean in the literal sense. We are talking about the new French social media app that is called BeReal. If you aren’t familiar with this new platform, not to worry, we are here to give you a quick run down and help you see if this app might be helpful for your small business! 


BeReal is a very simple photo sharing app that encourages you to share one photo a day of your real life. Every day at different times, the app will notify you to capture a real time photo for your followers to enjoy. The catch is you only have 2 minutes to do it! The reasoning behind it is to do exactly what the name suggests; be real. 


You do not have time to set up a shot, add filters, or try and make it a doctored up photo. It is a unique way to share your world with your followers! 


There are definite pluses to this app and the message it is trying to convey on being present in the moment and showing your unfiltered life, but the question is, can this app be good for your business? 


Something to consider about the app is its growing popularity among the public. The BeReal App is now sitting at #61 for most downloaded apps. Joining platforms in their early stage is the best way for growth. It isn’t overly saturated yet, so you can get in and build an audience before it becomes harder to be seen. 


The app does not support advertising or even influencer marketing. In fact they even restrict using the app for advertising or commercial purposes in their terms and conditions. So if that is your goal, then it might not be the best app for you. 


However, there are still plenty of ways for a brand to be in the BeReal space. The app is about showing real, raw moments and anyone can do that. Let your true voice shine through and show people your day to day moments. This could be an even better way to help you relate with your audience in an authentic way. If you think of this app as a way to promote your brand awareness, this might be exactly what you need to add to your marketing strategy for the new year!