Simple Tips for Better Videos

Creating good video content is at the tip of your fingers! While you can’t completely replace a high-quality camera or the techniques of people that have worked on this craft with the ever increasing quality of phone cameras, everyone can make some form of content and do it well with these helpful tips! 

  1. Use rear-facing camera

Probably the best way to improve your video quality when using your phone is to make sure you are using your rear-facing camera! It might be tempting to want to use the forward facing one since you can look at yourself while you are recording, but your front facing camera can only take 1080p at 30 frames per second compared to your rear-facing camera that can take 4k at 60 frames per second or some even 1080p at 240 frames per second! The quality is extremely better, so go rear-facing when you can! 

  1. Use natural light

Everyone looks better with that natural sunlight shining through the window. You do not want direct light where you are sitting, but you do not want to be in a dark clouded room either. Find a nice window and prop your phone up in front of it and start recording! This also makes it better for editing. Your video will be less grainy and more detailed! 

  1. Don’t use zoom

Using the zoom on your phone will diminish the video quality. If you need your shot to be closer or farther away, you should move your phone closer or farther away. When you use the zoom feature on your phone, this is digital zoom. Digital zoom crops the image you are seeing down to a centered area with the same ratio as the original. Because of this crop, it then enlarges the picture you are seeing back to size, and this is what makes the image quality reduce. 

  1. Use exposure lock

If you have fluctuating lighting, you might want to try using an exposure lock. To do this, you just tap and hold on the subject’s face and the lock will be set. You can then tap on the sun icon and move the toggle up or down for a darker or brighter look. This will keep your lighting consistent and give you some control over the look. 

  1. Use a tripod

Last but not least, get a tripod! These are not that expensive, and they make a world of difference. You can set your phone anywhere and record, and it keeps your video still and in frame. No one enjoys watching a shaky video! 

If you are wanting to give some ‘day in the life’ videos a shot or perhaps a little ‘behind the scenes,’ we hope these tips help you out!