Why Your Marketing is Falling Flat

Why Your Marketing is Falling Flat


Did you see the title and think, ‘Hmm, my marketing could use a little sprucing up.’ Great, let us help you see where you could improve the marketing for your birth center! 


A LOT of companies rely on one-person marketing teams to handle everything from social media to emails to graphic design to video to Google ads… you get the picture. This can be bad for your birth center or business for a few reasons. 


  1. Your one man marketing show is overworked. When you are in charge of so many departments in the world of marketing, it would be like your finance person also being in charge of HR and hiring, team morale, strategic direction, payroll, billing, etc. It is too much for one person to handle. The result of this is that certain tasks fall by the wayside (and to no fault of that person) simply because it is impossible to stay on top of every project all of the time when there are so many moving parts. 
  2. They can’t specialize in one area. Similar to letting some projects fall to the side, they do not have the time to dive in and really understand each aspect of each of their responsibilities. They will have a wide knowledge on how to run ads, but will they have the skill set or the time to analyze the audience, how they are targeting your audience, and if the ad is resulting in direct phone calls or website submissions? 

That is where a team like Marketing TEA comes in! When you hire an agency, your marketing never falls flat because it is our JOB to make sure it doesn’t. Instead of hiring one person to run all of your marketing departments you are hiring a team of people to do that. Often for less money! 


Our team is made up of people who specialize in individual areas of marketing, making each piece the best it can be. The best part is this takes marketing off your plate completely and allows your team to focus on your clients and your business! 


If we have convinced you that a marketing agency is the way to go for your birth center, (specifically Marketing TEA 😉) send us a message to start chatting!