Udates to Instagram Video

Updates to Instagram Video

Instagram has been rolling out a lot of changes lately, and one of the biggest updates is the way they are incorporating video into their platform. In the past, Instagram had its video formats split into two different forms depending on how long the video was. If your video was under 1 minute, it would upload right onto your feed. If it was over 1 minute, then it would upload as an IGTV. 

This would sit on your feed but also would show up on the IGTV video section on your profile. IGTV even had a separate app where you could watch only these longer-form videos. IGTV was Instagram’s way of trying to compete with YouTube with high-quality, long-form videos. IGTV also supported vertical videos since this was now how people were watching videos on their phones. 

This led to the creation of IG Reels, which by now we all probably know a lot about. If you need a quick refresher, check out this post

But now after all of this, Instagram has made even MORE updates to their video platform. They have merged IGTV with feed videos to create simply, ‘Instagram Video’. So what makes Instagram Video different from what they were previously doing with IGTV and their feed videos? Keep reading to find out! 

Essentially IGTV and the feed videos have been combined into one thing. Now instead of having to upload your longer-form videos in a separate location, all videos, no matter the length, can be uploaded right from the create button. You simply navigate to the plus button, hit post, and upload your video!

IGTV is no longer an option on Instagram. All videos posted will now be shared in the Reels tab.

Key Differences in the Merge:

  • You can now post videos up to one-hour long on your feed
  • Video previews will now be up to 60 seconds from the previous 15-second preview
  • Users can edit when the video begins and ends with the new trimming feature
  • Add filters from Stories to videos in the feed
  • You now have the option to tag people in a video and share the location

This move was made to make it easier for users to discover videos and create new content. Instagram has been placing a ton of emphasis on video content and is trying to expand beyond just a photo-sharing platform. In fact, back in June, the head of Instagram expressed this same sentiment and said they are looking to lean into entertainment video after the success of TikTok and YouTube. 

What do you think about the merge of IGTV and video feeds? Do you find it has made your uploading process easier? We’d love to hear your thoughts. And of course, if you need help creating killer video content that shines, we are always ready to chat