5 Common Marketing Myths You Shouldn't Listen To

5 Common Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Listen To

There are myths out in the world about EVERYTHING when it comes to business!


“You shouldn’t do THAT!”
“Doing THIS will ruin your business!”
“The only way to succeed is to do THIS!”


You get the picture. It can be overwhelming and exhausting to always hear other people’s opinions, especially surrounding your business. Doing your research and forming your own opinions is the key to sifting through all of the noise.

Marketing encompasses a broad range of services, and the scope of work is so unique to every business that it can be easy for misinformation to be spread around about marketing. We’d like to bet that you have heard some misleading information that is probably holding back your marketing efforts.

To make it a little easier for you to push forward with your own exceptional marketing strategies, we thought we would help you sift through five common marketing myths that are exactly that: myths.

Marketing Myths

More followers = more sales for my business.

A large following does not mean it is an engaged following. Conversion happens when you have provided your followers with valuable information and worked on building credibility and long-lasting relationships. You can have a small following count but have a loyal follower base that will support your business (we have always been proof of that).


Social Media won’t help my type of business.

If you think that social media cannot help your business, we are here to tell you otherwise. Every business whether big, small, B2B, or B2C can use social media to succeed. Many people use social media to search online before making purchase decisions. It also helps people get to know you and your business more than they ever could in the past.


Advertising is too expensive.

It doesn’t have to be! Advertising online is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your brand out there. You can reach thousands of people in the blink of an eye with the amazing targeting abilities that online advertising offers!


We need to be on all platforms.


You do not have to be on all social media platforms to succeed. All you need to do is find which platforms the best support your business and the content you want to create. Creating high-quality content for one platform is better than creating mediocre content for multiple platforms.


Everyone is our target audience.

Different people resonate with different brands. Trying to meet the needs of all ages, all likes, all locations will make your brand come across as bland. You can have different target audiences for different products or different times in your business, but it is always important to focus on who you are reaching with your messaging every time.


If you want to hear even more marketing myths busted, be sure to check out our recent episode of the Socially Unstable Podcast! Want to learn more about how custom marketing strategies can make a difference for your business? Let’s chat.