Google Business Best Practices

Google Business Best Practices


Before we begin, I think it goes without saying why your Google Business/Google Maps listing is important, but if you need a little reminder as to why let me just say one thing… it’s Google. Google plays such a big factor in helping your business get seen. Everyone is striving to be top on Google search results because it improves your local search visibility. 


On the Socially Unstable Podcast, we talked about how Tyler recently had an encounter with a Google Business mishap from a local jiu jitsu gym. The hours were wrong, the address was wrong, and the phone number was wrong. This is a nightmare for potential customers and clients. We believe this is so important that we have also made a video on it! You want to make it easy for people to find you and get in touch with you, and that means making sure your Google Business is right. 


Here are some important tips to help you bring your Google Business up to tip-top shape! 



Pictures are so important because they show your potential customers who you are. Adding photos of your space, your services, and your team to your page can really give a good look into who you are and why someone should work with you. Bonus points if you add quality videos too! 


Hours of Operation/Location/Contact Information:

This is hands down the most important information that NEEDS to be included in your Google Business. Once people have searched for you, the next thing they are going to look for is a location or a way to contact you. If this information is missing then it is a high possibility that you will lose this business. 



Writing a description for your business is your opportunity to make sure you are using keywords that relate to your business as well as share a solid overview of your services. It is important to note that it is a 750 characters limit, so working on a concise and informative description is important! 



Reviews are important for two reasons. First, they help you rank higher on Google in their search and map results. And two, they help your potential customers make decisions on whether you are a great fit for them. If you don’t have many reviews on Google, try setting up an email blast that asks your current satisfied customers/clients to leave you a review. Don’t forget to reply to your reviews to help build trust and friendship with your audience!


Social Media Profiles:

Linking your other social media profiles is a great way to get them to keep looking at you for longer. The goal is to get them to look at your Instagram and then perhaps move over to your YouTube, and then decide they want to head to your website and finally contact you. Making it easy for them to see all of your profiles is the first step!


If you need help leveling up your Google Business or any of your social media profiles for that matter, message us to get started