How to Engage Gen Z

How to Engage Gen Z

You might have heard about Generation Z a time or two. They are the generation of Americans that were born from roughly 1997 to 2012. That means that the older half of this generation is going out into the workforce with new careers and families themselves! We often think that Millennials are the young generation in the workplace, but if you aren’t thinking about Generation Z in your marketing, you are actually missing out on part of your target market in today’s world!


If this is you, you might be thinking, “Well how do I market to this younger generation to gain their attention?” We have a few tips! 


Generation Z is known for being constantly present on social networks! We know the younger half of Millennials grew up with the boom of technology, but Generation Z grew up with this technology already in full force. This means that if you aren’t using technology and new social media tools to market yourself, you definitely are not hitting Generation Z.


Marketing to Gen Z: 


  • Gen Z is always plugged in. With that, they see content from everyone ALL THE TIME! You have to make content that matters. With Gen Z, they like more real and authentic content. Show them the vulnerable side and less of the cold and disconnected marketing. That is why we love to create content that showcases YOU and skip all of the stock images at all costs!


  •  Gen Z uses video for research. In fact, according to Google, around 85% of Gen Z use video when deciding on products and companies to support. So, if you aren’t already thinking about video you are missing out! 


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