How to Make Creating Content Easier

How to Make Creating Content Easier

Coming up with new content and staying consistently creative can be a tough process. Especially when creating content isn’t your full-time job (and sometimes even when it is.) ? 

At Marketing TEA we are always trying to make the creation process easier and more effective. In doing so, you stay away from ‘thin air content’ and create more quality content that is authentic to your brand. One major strategy that we have discovered that helps make creating content easier is to use podcasts as your source. 


A lot of people see podcasts as a stand-alone piece of content, but at Marketing TEA we see podcasts as the source material for the rest of your marketing in many ways!


How we do this is pretty simple. We start with recording the podcast, which is a very raw, personal, and authentic conversation that leads to strong connections and relationships. Think about it. Do you make friends by rehearsing what you talk about, sounding perfect, and not showing your personality? NO. You make lasting friendships by being yourself, being open, and sharing parts of your life that people can relate to. That can be hard to do when you are just sitting down and trying to write content to share, but it comes more naturally when you sit down and just have a conversation with a friend over a podcast and a cup of coffee. 

After you record an episode, you then have a plethora of content to use and share to all of your other social channels, and that’s how you become a content machine! We think of this as micro-content, where you get small bits of content from your larger source material. 

Just from your one podcast episode, you can now have a blog post that focuses on a finer detail moment that you can go more in-depth with, 2-3 videos that pull out your strongest moments that you want to share with your audience across Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and even TikTok, AND post text that you can use for captions or even graphics for your profiles and website. 

All of that work would typically take you a week if not more to do, but by using a podcast as your source, you did it ALL in around 30 minutes to an hour… 


If you want to see this in action, you are looking at it right now! This blog post came from our recent episode of the Socially Unstable Podcast. Pretty cool huh??


Podcasts do take a little extra work to get started but we can help with that! Ready to make creating content easier for your business? Let’s chat