How to Refresh Your Website in 2022

How to Refresh Your Website in 2022

Have you ever experienced a time where life just takes over making it nearly impossible to keep up with other tasks? We have all been there. One of those tasks for a lot of businesses tends to be their website! Websites aren’t one of those things that you make once and forget. It requires updates to keep it current, functional, and modern. 

If you are taking a look at your website right now and thinking, “This could use some help.” We’ve got you! Here are a few ideas to refresh your website! 


  • Review Content

It is always a good idea to take a look at your content. You want to make sure you are reflecting the most current information there is. Be sure to add in any new services you offer or remove old ones that aren’t there any longer. If you have information from protocols on things like Covid, take the time to review your policies. Another thing to look at is updating your team members! 

Speaking of updating your list of team members, you will also want to update their photos and headshots. At Marketing TEA, since we like to see our clients once a year at our Content Sessions to get new content for their library, we also like to grab headshots for new team members so we can help them stay current! When we add in the new headshots, we also like to go through and update header images to keep the site looking fresh and maintained! 

  • Renew Links

It can seem monotonous, but going through your site where you have linked to outside sources and making sure they still are good links is a must! This is important for two reasons: keeping website visitors happy and keeping Google and your SEO happy. 

  • Refocus Design

Websites are a lot of work, and they can’t be designed or built in a day. Trust us, we know! That is why it is best to work on small pieces at a time until you get them to where you want them to be. In my opinion, the design is where you can spend more time refocusing and getting in tip-top shape over time. Adding in more fun elements with color, graphics, and movement can really take your website to the next level. And don’t get me wrong, you want your site to always be consistent from day one with your colors and theme, so if you haven’t done that part yet, start there!


It can seem hard to keep all of this updated all of the time, but if you pick one thing and focus on that task for one month, then you can always be sure that your site is in its best condition and that you are showing your best face to your clients! Plus, you always have the option of hiring someone else to do it for you. Hint, hint; you can send us a message here!