How to Understand Your Instagram Insights

How to Understand Your Instagram Insights

Instagram can be an amazing tool for your business if you use it in that way! There are times when the fun side of social media is important in order to build rapport and virtual friendship with your followers, but there is also a time when some numbers need to come into play. 

Insights is a native analytics tool that provides data on your follower demographic, actions, and your content. Understanding your Instagram insights is important for you to be able to see what content is working well and where you can improve! This could be that your hashtags aren’t getting much reach, or that some of your posts are getting a large number of saves while others are not. 

We all know that engagement matters if we want our content to be pushed to new audiences. If you can understand your insights, then you can understand how to get the engagement you are after!

To start, you have to have a business account to be able to see your insights. If you aren’t already set up with a business or creator account, now is the time!

Where They Are Located

You can find different insights in three different spots, and they will all tell you different information: profile insights, post insights, story insights. 

1. Profile insights are located right on your profile. Simply click the ‘insights’ button and this will lead you to your full overview. Here you can change the dates to see a certain week or month. You can search individual posts. And you can see your overall growth in reach, engagement, and followers. 

2. Post insights are located underneath single posts. Click ‘view insights’ to see the likes, comments, shares, and saves for this post.

3. Story insights can be seen by sliding up on your posted story to see the reach, interactions, and profile activity (how many people clicked over to your profile from your story) and much more! 

What to Look at

After you have located this, the next thing is to segment and dive deeper into the insights. I think it is easier if you pick something you want to focus on each time you go to your insights. You can segment your insights by 

  • Content-type: photo, video
  • Measurement: comments, engagement, impressions, saves, reach, likes
  • Time: 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, Previous Month, 90 Days, custom dates

If you pick one thing, like I would like to focus on engagement in the last 30 days, you can click last 30 days > Accounts Engaged and then you can see how well your month performed in terms of likes, comments, saves, and shares. Then you can do this again from the previous month to compare the two months. After you see which did better, you can look at what kind of posts you did. Were there more videos? More photos? This helps you plan for your future marketing strategy and set attainable goals for the year ahead!

If you think that you could benefit from a team helping you understand these insights and helping you create content that engages and inspires your audience, send us a message!