Instagram Reels Ideas for Birth Centers

Growing your social platforms, specifically Instagram, has gotten harder in 2021. There are a ton of people creating a lot of (typically inauthentic) content, and making a bunch of noise on social media. Luckily, we don’t believe that the numbers like vanity metrics are the end all be all… Instead, we like to focus on the relationships and delivering genuine content to a smaller, more personalized audience that converts to real business


Growth for us doesn’t always mean your followers rise, but that your awareness or attention does. 


We create content that breaks through all of the noise and makes a space that is perfect for you and your niche. One way to do that is to find new areas that are being underutilized and owning them, especially in your market. If you haven’t already caught on yet, we are talking about Instagram Reels! Birth centers, birth workers, and health and wellness practitioners in general, now is the time to try out Instagram Reels and see just how much growth this could bring for your business! 


If you aren’t overly familiar with Instagram Reels, it is an Instagram feature that lets users create short-form video content. We are talking 15 to 30 seconds. It is quick, convenient, and user-friendly. These videos are put onto the explore page and are being pushed by Instagram in the algorithm to get more eyes on their new feature. Their end game is to pull more people to their app, so they need more creators using this feature in order to hold interest. If you go look at your Instagram Reels explore page, I bet you will see a lot of fashion, some funny videos like the war between Gen Z and Millenials ?, and people telling you how to use different Instagram features, but what I bet what you won’t see are many birth centers connecting and creating genuine relationships with other users.


It is not being done yet, and you could be one of the first!

If you aren’t quite sure where to start, here is a list of some fun ways to create engaging, informative Instagram Reels content for your audience.


  • How We Prepare Our Rooms for Birth

Try doing a fun video of your team making the bed, cleaning a station, setting up tools, and making the room cozy for the family. This lets your audience see exactly what their experience with you could look like and would get them excited to be a part of it!


  • Office Tour

Everyone likes to feel at ease when they go someplace new. Doing an office tour on your Instagram Reels can give a peek into where someone will come to do paperwork or what room they’ll have their prenatal appointment in. Familiarity is comfort, and comfort leads to feeling relaxed and happy about the experience. 


  • Day in the Life of _____.

Try taking turns with the people in your office to show quick snippets of their day and what it is like to work at your office! 


Everyone likes to learn something new. Quick tips about breastfeeding, insurance, postpartum, or anything and everything in between is a great way to give knowledge to your followers. 


  • Before and After with Baby

My personal favorite would be doing a fun video with a client when they come in pregnant and then finish it with the baby being born. This stays relevant with trends and would be a fun way to engage your clients (that are interested of course) and good marketing for you too because your fans will want to share on their own social feeds and tell everyone about their experience. 


Reels are so powerful because of the use of video. Marketing TEA has built our business model around the power of video content. If you want to take your video content a step further and create custom, branded content that resonates with your audience, we would love to help you!