The Power of a Great Promo Video

The Power of a GREAT Promo Video

Let’s go way back to the basics! Something we have been talking about since the very beginning of Marketing TEA is video (check out this post from 2017 if you don’t believe us!) We have seen the effectiveness of video in marketing and centered our business around it. Different marketing strategies come and go, but video marketing has rapidly increased throughout the years, and it is continuously reaching new heights.

Right now more than ever, people are looking for ways to connect with businesses where they can’t always be in person. That connection can be challenging with masks and social distancing mandates, but video is that medium that everyone is using right now as the best way to connect. 

In case you needed a few more facts about how great video is (for you analytical types) 
  • Video boosts conversion and sales
  • Video shows great ROI. 
  • Social platforms prioritize video (there are constantly new video forms coming out all of the time: stories, IGTV, Reels). 

Earlier I mentioned how video is a staple in the Marketing TEA strategy, and you’re about to see why! The first thing we do when we work with a new client is a Content Session. Content Sessions are where we come to your business and shoot a variety of content over a few days. During that time, we get beautiful images to fill your social profiles and website AND engaging, informational, and entertaining video footage to create videos for social media and your website! 

The first video we produce for our clients is a promo video. Did you know that 45% of businesses use promo explainer videos on their homepage? 83% of those businesses found those videos to be effective in their marketing. The same is true for how your audience prefers to learn about your business and make purchasing decisions. To throw one more stat at you, embedding a video on your site can increase your conversion rate by up to 80%!

Having a GREAT promo video does this by:

  • helping you outshine your competition,
  • humanizing your brand,
  • creating shareable content,
  • and increasing visibility. 

Check out a behind the scenes video of one of our recent Content Sessions and see how it transformed into a phenomenal promo video! 

Behind the scenes at Charleston Birth Place:

Charleston Birth Place Promo:

Our job is to help you create content that is personal and relevant. Our Content Sessions are centered around delivering you content that is client-focused so that it delivers trustworthy, useful information that best answers your potential clients’ questions. If video is something you have thought about adding to your brand, it’s time to reach out to us because the time is NOW to get video started in your business!