Health & wellness businesses and practitioners across the country are waking up to the possibilities of content marketing thanks at least in part to Marketing TEA, and that makes us incredibly happy! For us, the act of connecting a great practitioner with a great patient or client is what motivates us to do the work we do. On the other hand, there are still SO many incredible health & wellness practitioners and small business owners who have yet to boldly cross that threshold into the world of content and take their growth to a new level. And hey, we get it – content creation can be intimidating and time-consuming. Luckily, we are here to help you integrate content into your business with an ease that you never thought possible. And after this blog post, you’re going to want to give us a call… Because today, we are going to lay out just 4 UNDENIABLE reasons why every health & wellness business needs content marketing. Ready?

  1. Great Health & Wellness Begins With Sharing Information

As a practitioner, you’re already aware that information is what separates a successful interaction and healing process with a client from an unsuccessful process. In the world of health & wellness, clients are an active part of their own care. You are not strictly a ‘repairer’ to be brought a broken object and return it to its owner all fixed up. When you work with a patient or a client, you rely on their cooperation to heal and continue on their path to health! And in this way, you are using information to heal. When you hear of an injury, a pain, a complaint, you not only address that issue, you are also going to educate your patient on the changes that they will need to make with their diet, exercise, lifestyle, or other factor in order to affect the positive change they are looking for! That’s what makes what you do so unique. And it’s for this reason that creating content centered around sharing information can make your message so effective.

2. Your Information Is Often Interesting and/or Groundbreaking

Give yourselves a big pat on the back for this one. Because the truth is that not every profession has the benefit of sharing INTERESTING information through content. Information that is new, exciting, groundbreaking, and challenges the way we view our health & lifestyles means people already want to pay attention to the information you have to share. So not only do you get to build great relationships through sharing information, the information you have to share is ALREADY inherently more interesting than so many other fields! (Seriously, there are only so many blog posts we can write on how to make a website more effective.) Use the advantage that is right in front of you to create great content – there are always new, fascinating studies, articles, and research that can be the basis for great content creation as a health & wellness professional.

3. Establishing Trust Turns Leads Into Clients – AND Assures A Good Fit

We’ve trumpeted this message out over and over again: Give great, exciting, original information to people who are interested in it, and you will begin to build REAL relationships through content. The ‘sale’ to a new client or patient is already completed when you’ve started by building trust beforehand through sharing your content. But what we don’t talk about enough is just how effective content can be at attracting those clients who perfectly fit your practice and your philosophies as a provider. We all know that there is a difference between a new client who begins as a random lead and a lifelong client who begins as a qualified lead. When you share yourself through content marketing, you show prospective clients exactly what your practice is all about: what you believe in, how you approach health, what they can expect from your services. Businesses who truly share their personality upfront are the ones who bring in only those patients who reflect those same values. And those are the patients that become lifelong supporters and promoters. On the other hand, those businesses that try to hide what they believe in and appeal to everyone find themselves with a surplus of short-term clients who are dissatisfied with their care and leave terrible reviews. Be yourself, be honest through content marketing, and you will find that the clients or patients you work with are an excellent match.

4. Compete With The ‘Big Boys’ With Great Content – Not More $$

We could write several blog posts about this one. In fact, we might… The first thing to acknowledge (assuming you are in fact a small business in the health & wellness industry) is that your advertising budget will NEVER compete with the giant health or hospital chains. Not gonna happen. But since when did a bigger budget mean a better approach? The ‘Big Boys’ of health may spend what they please on their advertising budgets – billboards and radio spots galore. But YOU can still beat them. And you can do it with content. How? Because a bloated advertising budget does many things, but the one thing it can’t do is create SPEED. Small businesses have the advantage there – because without the red tape, a small business can implement an aggressive content marketing strategy based on content that is exciting, intriguing, and truly rule-breaking in a way that the ‘Big Boys’ just can’t. Content is the great equalizer – you don’t need a giant budget to create content that hooks an audience. We’ve talked about this before – how a content session with Marketing TEA can turn the tables on your growth. This is what we mean: we bet on great content over a big advertising budget to win any day. So let ‘em spend their big budgets. You’ll crush them with content.

So there you have it: 4 of our favorite, absolutely UNDENIABLE reasons that you need to bring content marketing into your business. Are there more? Yes. About a hundred more, but we really had to cut them down for the sake of this already pretty long blog post. We’d love to tell you even more if you’d like to have a chat with us. So let’s stop the excuses and start making content marketing work for you.

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