Here at Marketing TEA, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes, industries, and technological backgrounds achieve some remarkable results in their marketing. And yes, we do have a pretty brilliant team, rule-breaking digital strategies, and a whole lot of experience, but our ‘secret’ is really not a secret at all. The businesses that are experiencing growth time and time again do so because they are ready to get serious with our approach to Content Marketing.

Surely, we don’t need to define content marketing at this point, right? But here’s some more info if you need some background, and don’t call us Shirley. Let’s skip the definition and go right into what it means to get serious when it comes to your content marketing. 

The simple version of a content marketing strategy involves consistently putting out content to your community. But getting SERIOUS about content means having original, unique, highly-branded, challenging/informative/entertaining content of all types & formats going out across your social media and other digital platforms on a consistent basis to truly engage your audience, then using that content as the basis of your advertising outreach to connect with a brand new audience. Not so simple anymore, is it?

There’s an unfortunate cycle going on in the lives of business owners across the country that has us worried. We’ve even experienced it ourselves from time to time! First, you learn about content marketing, you recognize the potential difference it could make in your business’s growth, so you begin to gather up content of your own. Snap a few pictures, write a blog post, make a graphic, and post a few of those things on your social media. They receive positive attention! So, you know you’ll need to do more. But this time, the content needs to be even better, you need to get more creative, more innovative, you need to be unique, hilarious, deep and meaningful with your content. So you spend more and more time collecting the next round of content. But hey, the business is getting busier, the demands on your time are changing, and now the content needs to wait another day, maybe you’ll get that picture next week, maybe film that video next month when things quiet down. You become stuck in the content-pressure loop, back and forth, over and over again, finally ending in total burnout. Then guilt comes next because you know you SHOULD be making content. Then one day, you see something that inspires you to try again, and the whole process starts over.

This is a problem. A very real one that we’ve seen businesses struggle with nationwide, and it’s keeping you from achieving all the things you could be achieving with your digital presence. It’s keeping you from getting serious about content marketing.

And that’s precisely why we do the work that we do at Marketing TEA. When you get serious about your content marketing, that’s when you see serious results. New connections, a unique voice, expert-status in your community, and of course the most sought after of them all: new clients. This is why we’re so passionate about encouraging businesses across the country to embrace content marketing in order to grow! The potential is unlimited when you get serious about your content marketing. Our approach makes that possible with the absolute minimum time commitment for business owners so that you can continue doing the important work within your business.

Now, of course we believe that no one out there does content marketing like we do – we’ve created the most streamlined approach to achieving a SERIOUS content marketing strategy while taking time OFF the plate of busy business owners & practitioners. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a glimpse of the benefits of content marketing all on your own (just watch out for the nasty content-pressure loop). Over the years, we’ve put out a ton of information in our blog and videos detailing how you can incorporate content into your business. But once you’ve had a taste of the potential and are ready to get serious with your content marketing to see those serious results without the content-pressure loop, let’s have a chat.

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