3 Ways to Use Client Reviews in Marketing
3 Ways to Use Client Reviews in Marketing We all know that reviews are VERY IMPORTANT when it comes to new leads converting to customers! In fact, with today’s virtual focused world, everyone is reading reviews online to determine what companies and businesses they want to support, with a whopping 91% of people reading reviews before making a purchase decision.  Online reviews make it easy for others to share their thoughts and experiences about your service. Why not use this information to your advantage? Here are 3 ways to use client reviews in your marketing strategy! 

1. Landing Pages

If you are looking to revamp your website for the new year, a great way to do that is to add a few stellar reviews to your pages. If a client is reading about your service already, then what better time than for them to read an authentic quote from someone that utilized that exact service. Hearing others’ experiences lets them make an educated decision right then and there. 

2. Email Campaigns

2.5 billion people worldwide use email! Email campaigns are great for keeping your audience in the loop and gaining new reviews through a review campaign. If you are sending out an email, try including a couple of your favorite reviews to the bottom of the email. Driving home how great your service is never hurts! We have helped a lot of our clients host successful review campaigns, so if you need help with this one, let us know!

3. Social Media Posts

Lastly, after you host a review campaign and now have all of these dazzling client reviews, what do you do with them? Well, you use them as social media content! Each week pick one review to highlight on a graphic to show your audience the nice things others are saying about you to help influence their decision that you are worth betting on!  We hope these tips help you with your marketing this year! And we are only a message away if you need a little extra help getting started!