Being TRULY Behind the Scenes

When it comes to content creation in your marketing strategy, I’m (Tyler here) a little tired of the same ol’, same ol’. I’ve been in enough content planning meetings to know exactly where the conversation about creating content starts – “Let’s do a behind the scenes of [insert anything here]!” Listen, as a baseline, this is a great strategy for creating content – we don’t need to constantly reinvent the wheel, and we really do want to show people what we do so that our audience can begin to understand our services and how we do business right?

BUT this blog is about where we need to go from that strong starting point. This is where content marketing can push you to be more honest and completely genuine as you continue to connect with your audience. The difference between a constant BTS phoning it in and some genuine behind the scenes content is all about focusing on the growth and change.

This starts with being super honest with your audience about how you are CHANGING over time! But there are 2 challenges involved with publicly discussing internal changes in your business:

  1. You have to actually share how you have been imperfect
  2. You have to actually be creating changes and improvements for your clients

We very recently discussed this exact challenge on our Socially Unstable podcast, so go take a listen if you want some more nuance in the conversation! 

Lead by example though, right? So here’s how Marketing TEA is pushing to keep our BTS totally genuine!

  1. This one is easy for me to answer! ANY company should be better going into their 7th year of business, like Marketing TEA is, than they were in year 1! We’re constantly growing and changing, and the best example of how we do that has always come from our team growing. This team is built of people who have strengths directly where my weaknesses are. I’m a strong videographer, but I’m not particularly passionate about keeping up with all the latest in video technology and editing/production trends. But you know who is? Andrew! Who joined our team to do exactly that. I’m also a strong copywriter and social media manager, but I’m not particularly passionate about working with those tools every day. But you know who is? Kenzie & Lauren of course! Our team has gotten better because it’s grown larger than my skill set, and that’s an easy thing to share and make content about.
  2. So many business owners in our industry of midwives, birth centers, and related industries are facing the same challenge that I call the Status Quo Chase. I’ve faced it too! As a business owner, we’re used to fighting fires all day long and being put under real pressure to make decisions both big and small. We get it into our heads that as soon as we can do X, or as soon as Y or Z are taken care of and behind us, we’ll get back to our status quo and have time to get creative again. But let’s be honest, there’s never been a status quo. If you’re a business owner, you’ve faced new challenges every single day since you started. It’s hard to remain in a creative headspace if you always feel like you’re behind and trying to catch up to that status quo. So stop chasing it! You want to know why this step is so hard for business owners? It’s because too often, we are NOT making real creative change to serve our clients better; instead we’re chasing the status quo. Forget that nonsense status quo, and let’s all push together to keep making true, real improvements for our clients, and we’ll unlock a whole new ‘version’ of behind the scenes content!

Hope this gives my fellow business owners in the world of midwifery & birth centers something to think about when it comes to their marketing. Want to talk a little more about new creative solutions within or outside of your marketing? How about you have a chat with me sometime?

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