Content Ideas for the Birth Industry

Content Ideas for the Birth Industry

Content. It is the basis of all good marketing. Well, if you ask us at least that is what we would tell you, and we think many would agree

If you ask someone what exactly is content marketing, it can be confusing, and some still aren’t sure the difference between content marketing and classic marketing, but the main point is that the focus is on your content you create for the digital world. The other side of things is more traditional marketing like broadcast, outdoor billboards, direct mail, etc. 

If you have a small budget, these traditional forms of marketing can be quite out of reach and honestly aren’t always that effective unless you have the monetary means to throw at them. With content marketing, you can sustain your marketing efforts for a longer period of time and focus on growing areas that will improve your business like web traffic, lead generation, and so much more!

Content marketing is a great fit for our natural health clients and specifically midwives & birth centers because their work speaks for itself! If you are looking for some great ideas to get your content marketing started, keep reading!


1. Pictures

Everyone loves a great picture! If you want to engage an audience, what better way than posting a baby, the cutest thing on the planet, and letting people share, comment, and show their love?! It is a great way to get people talking about your business and attracting new clients. We love baby photos, but we also think it’s crucial to get photos of YOU in action as well.


2. Podcasts

An important part of attracting clients is building a relationship with them. A fun and unique way to do that is through podcasts. This is such a great way to give helpful information and just chat like you are best friends with your clients. It truly lets them see you in a different light and allows them to connect with you in a deeper way!


3. Videos

The whole point of marketing is inspiring people to love your brand. Videos are perfect for this. By usings high-quality videos, you can actually show your audience the difference you can make in their lives in real time. 


4. Reviews

We all know reviews are a great way to show others the good work you do! Especially in an industry such as this! One way to display reviews is to create graphics that showcase the best of the best! Why not share the good news with your followers? 


Marketing can be a lot to manage, especially when you want to be consistent! If you need help with your marketing, we can help! Let’s get talking about your content marketing strategy today!