How to Make the Perfect Instagram Bio

How to Make the Perfect Instagram Bio

Having a strong introduction is key to developing lasting relationships in your personal life and in your social media life. You only get one chance to make a positive first impression, so you have to make it count by writing a strong bio. 

Bios are incredibly important because this is where your potential audience goes to learn about you, contact you, and decide if you are someone or something they are overall interested in. This can be easy to do when you have a large space to write to your heart’s desire, but it can be a little more challenging when your space is limited. One platform in particular that restricts your writing space is Instagram. 

Instagram has a 150 character limit for their bio spot. Is it possible to create the perfect Instagram bio using those restraints? Definitely, and this is how!


Instagram Bio Breakdown

Instagram’s bio doesn’t just mean the spot where you are telling your story. There are a few other spots that also are important when creating the perfect bio. You should think about: 

1. Username: With the limited character count, your username is very important in having another spot where people can know who you are and what you are about right away. You want people to be able to easily find you, so your username should be your business name or your name depending on your type of business.


2. Profile picture: Profile pictures are important in order for people to know who you are instantly. You want them to see your picture and be able to recognize your business in a split second. We recommend using your logo because there is nothing more recognizable than that. Unless of course you are the face of your business, and in that case, a headshot might be best! It should be a close up and clear shot since the image is rather small to begin with. 


3. Name: Some people might not realize how important your name is, but this section is also populated in the search bar. If your name is highly tied to your business and you think people will search for that over your brand name, you might benefit from adding your name in this section. Especially if your username is the brand name already! 


4. Bio: When it comes to the bio itself, we recommend getting your personality across in a concise way! Keeping the bio short and breaking items into lines using emojis and other symbols is a great way to make it engaging and informative. Your first two lines are the most important because this is what shows up before Instagram asks you to click to expand. Think about what your business does, where you are located, and something very special about you that you think the world needs to know.


5. Link: You only get one spot for links to drive traffic to other areas, so this is the most coveted spot. We think there are a few ways to go about the link section. Of course creating a link page on your website with all important links is great! There are places like LinkTree or Canva where you can create this, but there is nothing like making your own customized page that really drives traffic straight to your site!  The next thing you could do is for when you have a very specific offer or special deal, highlight it in that spot temporarily, but then always put your link page back when it’s over!


There are other ways to fully fill out your Instagram bio and make it the best it can be.

For instance, you can start by making sure your account is set up as a ‘business’ account. This lets you have buttons right under the bio section for people to email you, message you, and even view your shop if you are utilizing Instagram’s shopping capabilities. 

If you want help with your Instagram bio or any other social media platform for that matter, send us a message!