How to Use Twitter for Your Business

How to Use Twitter for Your Business

Should you be using Twitter for your business? We get this question from time to time, but it is not one that a lot of businesses have tried out. And honestly, we don’t blame them. It might be an unpopular opinion, or it might be extremely popular, but we don’t think that Twitter is for everyone or every business! 

Twitter is a hard platform. When used correctly, it can be extremely beneficial, but we think it takes a certain type of business that can truly flourish over on Twitter.


So who is Twitter a good option for? 

Twitter is constantly, and we mean constantly, changing landscape. The memes are changing, the trending topics are changing, and you have to keep up in order to evolve and scale. Twitter is an exceptional platform for businesses that have someone that is dedicated to this trending market. Businesses that have seen success on Twitter are those such as Wendy’s, Starbucks, Sony, and more. This is because they have committed to a tone and individuality that makes their brands known for their wit and humor. 


However, we aren’t saying small businesses can’t use Twitter. There is a space for them too. 

If your brand does have a strong personality of its own, it can be a great place to share real time updates, events you are hosting, and funny/witty tweets that engage your audience. It is important to think about your target audience as well when deciding if it is right for you. For our birth center clients, we would like to take a look and see if this is somewhere your ideal client is spending time on. Are they searching for content like yours on Twitter? If this answer is yes, then we say go for it. If the answer is that they are focusing on TikTok to find other expecting moms and information – which we suspect – then that platform might be the best avenue for you! 


Like we have mentioned a few times before, you don’t have to be on EVERY platform. You just have to find the right platform that makes the most sense for your business. If you need help finding your best fit, send us a message