5 Things to Avoid in Your Social Media Marketing

5 Things to Avoid In Your Social Media Marketing

By now, it is safe to say that almost everyone is using social media to market their services, but are they doing it correctly? Social media is an ever-changing beast that takes a lot of time, research, and practice to master. Once you think you get the hang of it, something quickly takes a turn in another direction and you are left trying to relearn and pivot your strategy. 

For example, did you see Instagram has started the process of bringing back some form of a chronological timeline? See? Always changing. But regardless of the constant need for staying up to date on the latest technologies, there are a few things everyone should opt out of in their social media marketing to avoid failure in this area. Keep reading to find out!

5 Things to Avoid

  • Creating the same type of content.

We suggest taking a look at your content every few months to see what is working and what is not. This can be done by checking out your analytics or by just seeing what you enjoy doing versus what you don’t. You never want to create the same content over and over again. Having a mix of videos, photos, blogs, podcasts, graphics, etc. gives you a greater chance of reaching different audiences and keeping your content fresh!


  • Going silent.

On the flip side of constantly creating the same content is when we see people who go radio silent. This can be detrimental to your business’s social media marketing. Your audience might start to leave because they are no longer getting information or entertainment from your account, and they might think you are not serious about your business.


  • Relying on automation too much.

We all love making things easier, and some automation can be key in actually helping your business, but there is a fine line between good automation and too much. There are moments where your brand might start to lose a human touch with your target audience when you are constantly using generic replies. Try finding what works for your business and where you can use automation productively while also keeping that personal connection. 


  • Over-promoting yourself.

This one is huge! We see it all the time, where brands are constantly bragging about how great they are and what makes them the best. While self-promotion is VERY important, there are key moments when you should promote, and then there are times when you need to give to your audience, educate, inform, and entertain them just for the purpose of building a strong relationship. 


  • Sticking to only one platform. 

Just like how we don’t suggest only creating one type of content, we don’t suggest only posting on one platform. We definitely aren’t saying you need to be on ALL of the platforms because that just doesn’t make sense for every business. But we are saying that only using one platform doesn’t diversify your reach. For example, having a blog increases SEO for your website. If you only posted photos on Instagram but didn’t utilize those photos in a blog post as well, then you are missing out on a ton of potential reach on other corners of the web just by skipping a simple step.  

After reading this, did you find that you might have been making one of these mistakes? No worries, there is always a new day to change your tactics. Especially in the fast-paced world of social media marketing!