Holiday Marketing Strategies

Holiday Marketing Strategies

‘Tis the season to focus on your marketing! With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the time for you to start planning your content. 2020 has been a bit unpredictable, but we hope that during the holiday season, everyone will be feeling cheery and happy again, which makes it a great time to show your audience your human side. This time of year, people are connecting with their family and friends online. They are looking for gift recommendations and getting into the holiday spirit, so it’s a great time to spice up your messaging and make sure you are delivering timely and relevant content that inspires engagement and gives back to your audience. Even if your business does not focus on selling a product, it is a great time to reach new people, build relationships, and grow your brand awareness. 

Here are three great ways to take advantage of the holidays! 

1. Create Ads.

Facebook ads are an excellent way to reach large audiences cheaply and effectively. Consumers turn to social media platforms to find products and services, especially during this time, so running targeted social ads that are holiday-themed can help catch their attention! For example, a birth center that has an audience centered around families and children could do a blog series about holiday decorating or DIY’s for little ones to make the season fun, or use their social media to join in on fun traditions like “Elf on the Shelf.” Doing something like this will get people excited about your content during the holiday season.

2. Use email marketing.

Why not use this time to reach out to your contacts and remind them how much you appreciate them! It’s also a good space to share helpful information that gives them back something in return. If you are in the health and wellness space like we are, you could round up a gift guide for the best health-related products and services and then include a gift certificate to your business at the end. 75% of consumers say they search their email inboxes to find a relevant deal or discount code, so creating one for your business is a great way to drum up excitement and leave your audience feeling happy!

3. Host a contest.

Giveaway contests are perfect for the holiday season. Everyone is shopping for the best gifts and the best deals, and they are very willing to engage in contests during this time. This is great for your business because you can grow your following and your reach with little effort. You can give out a gift card or round up a themed basket and ask your followers to comment, share, like, etc. for a chance to win.

I hope these tips help your holiday marketing shine! If you are feeling lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s okay! We are here to help you create an effective strategy for your business!