Best Online Lead Generation Practices

Online Lead Generation Best Practices


Social media has been a huge plus for reaching new audiences, but it has also made some things like gaining genuine leads a little more difficult. There are so many businesses creating content on the daily, and those basic cold email blasts aren’t making the cut to draw in new business anymore. Need some fresh ideas to help you with your online lead generation? You’ve come to the right place!

Lead generation needs to be thought of from the ground up. It should be implemented in almost every marketing strategy you employ. Don’t make it an afterthought! When you have a strong lead generation practice in place, you increase brand awareness, build relationships, generate QUALITY leads, and of course, make those deals.


According to Social Media Today, these are some of the most powerful ways to generate leads and inquiries online:


  • Landing Page

Landing pages are a standalone web page with one CTA in mind. It doesn’t have links to take you to another page. Everything you need them to do is all in one place, which helps capture users’ contact information. Remember to keep it short and sweet, provide them with something of value, use video, and keep it SIMPLE! This will help you get the most out of your landing page.


  • Webinar

Webinars make it possible for you to communicate with your clients in real time. Talk about building relationships! Webinars let you collect invaluable information like contact information, also learn more about what your clients want. Do Q&A’s at the end of your webinar to better understand your audience and help sell your business/product.


  • Explainer Videos

Probably our favorite way of converting is through videos! Explainer videos help people understand you, your business, and how your business can benefit them. By using video, you are making it easier for your audience to make purchase decisions. We are pros at creating amazing explainer videos, so reach out if you need help!


  • Email Nurture Campaigns

Email nurture campaigns are time-based emails that you send out to your audience to inform them of an offer or service and encourage them to take action over time. You might even want to try adding in some automation to make that process easier for you!


  • How-to Guides

How-to guides or free templates are great ways to collect lead generation information! The important part is making sure the information you are providing them is valuable and will spark them to take action. You can even create multiple of these for different stages of your lead generation. What works for your first contact with a potential client won’t be the same as a repeat client. 


How are you feeling about your lead generation strategy? Ready to make some BIG changes? Let’s chat.