What is Going on with TikTok

What is Going on With TikTok?

In case you haven’t heard the news… TikTok may be coming to an end as quickly as it rose in popularity not that long ago. TikTok was a new platform that was popular amongst teens, adults, and even businesses! It is a video-sharing social networking service that is known for its short-form mobile videos. It is a similar style to its forerunner app Vine, but has proven to be far more successful across multiple different metrics. 

TikTok has 500 million users worldwide and was the fourth most downloaded app for Apple in 2019. Additionally, this platform has the highest follower engagement rates across 100,000 user profiles that were sampled in an online research project conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub.

However, due to recent news that the United States as well as other countries might be placing a ban on the app over concerns that it could be used by the Beijing government as a surveillance and propaganda tool, there is a lot of uncertainty looming around TikTok. Those that are currently using the platform are wondering what is going to happen to their social presence that they have spent a long time building, and the ones that hadn’t quite made the jump to TikTok now are wondering if it’s worth it. 

Regardless of what does happen, there is one thing for sure to learn from the current state of TikTok: you can’t rely on just one platform for all of your marketing efforts!

It is incredibly important to build a brand that people are invested in and build up other funnels of communication, whether that be a blog, email marketing, podcasts, or so much more. The key to success on these social platforms is taking advantage of them while they are there, but always having other options to fall back on that you own and you can rely on. 

When the next new social media app does come along, let’s use this as a lesson to hop on early as a business, gain people’s attention, and learn how to bring your audience the most value so you can build a relationship, a brand, and a reputation with them so they follow you wherever you may find yourself on the internet. 

Marketing TEA’s philosophy is and has always been about relationships. We create content that engages and brings value to our clients’ audiences. If you have some questions about what delivering value to your followers looks like, drop us a line