Birth Center Marketing 2023: The Latest Marketing Trends of 2023 with Marketing TEA

We want to see your birth center marketing on the cutting edge in 2023 and beyond, and there’s only one way to do that: Keep up with the latest marketing trends. Did we mention that we’ve been the industry experts in birth center marketing for the last 7 years? In other words, if you own a birth center or midwifery practice in 2023 and want to grow your practice, you’re in the right place.

Marketing: it has its trends just like anything else. Social media platforms are constantly changing, algorithms award different types of content with organic reach, creators invent new styles and effects. Your marketing of yesterday should not be your marketing today. You need an approach that embraces the change in styles – more on that later. First, let’s talk about some key trends you need to watch for in your midwifery marketing:

  1. Video has gone vertical – TikTok Midwives and Instagram Reels Marketing

In case you’ve been living under a rock, vertical video is having major wins at the moment. Between TikTok and Instagram Reels, you need to be incorporating vertical video into your birth center marketing strategy. Remember the days where a simple promo video could serve your birth center for a while? No more. Your clients are looking for short-form vertical video, and you need to learn how to create that type of content that provides content in that format and plays to the platforms’ algorithms to help you distribute it. Speaking of algorithms… 

  1. Play the algorithm game – Trending sounds and hashtags for birth centers

Great posts alone are great. But great posts paired with smart use of the social media platforms’ algorithms for organic reach is golden for midwives right now. You need to stay on top of the trending songs, hashtags, and other elements of your social media platforms that will help you to expose your video content to more of your target audience. You also need to understand how not to OVERuse those tools because you want a slow burn of growth in your business, not one viral video. Consistency is key for achieving this. Sounds like a lot of work to keep up with the algorithms? You may want to… 

  1. Own your own marketing – Email marketing for midwives and birth centers

It’s incredible how many birth centers we work with who don’t maintain an email list when we begin onboarding. Your email list is YOURS! It’s a place where you have ownership over reaching your current and potential audience over time. It’s where you can build a relationship without the rules and regulations and algorithms of the various social media platforms. Have you ever seen an account you follow get hacked and be shut down? Imagine if you didn’t also own your own audience list where you could reach out to your supporters! You should be utilizing email marketing for different objectives than your social media as well. We like to say that social media is where you get found, email is where you accomplish your goals. Do all of these tips sound like a lot of work for a midwife trying to just run a great birth center? Well, our advice would be to…

  1. Don’t do it all yourself – Use the top marketing agency for birth centers

Implementing high-level birth center marketing is exactly what we do here at Marketing TEA. Make no mistake about it, your marketing is a full time job, and it’s just not the job you should be doing. Do you do every single job at your birth center? Of course not. THIS is the arena where we thrive. We’ll take the marketing work off of your plate and build you an ever-evolving strategy that creates long-term growth for your birth center so that you can do what you’re best at. Let’s have a chat today about your marketing.

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