New Midwifery Marketing Rules: The Rule of 3 Changes

How do you know when it’s time to institute a change in your business? What about a change in your marketing strategy? Are you the type of leader who wants to keep your business and brand super flexible? Or do you prefer to create consistency over time and prefer never to change a thing? Certainly there are benefits to both styles of management. That’s why we’ve got a new idea for our midwifery practices and birth centers out there. How about some new midwifery marketing rules? When it comes to your planning: Consider the Rule of 3 Changes.

I (Tyler here) talked about this concept on a recent episode of the Socially Unstable podcast – I’m all by myself while my dedicated co-host Kenzie is off on her maternity leave! Now, doing a solo podcast is a unique experience. It’s not something I do often, but when it happens, the first hurdle you have to get over is the sound of your own voice, then the emptiness when you run out of thoughts and no one is there to fill the void! But once I get over that, I tend to find myself reaching back and telling stories, thinking about what’s been happening and considering interesting interactions I’ve had lately. 

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One such interaction was with a friend who was asking about my business. He noticed we don’t hesitate when we make changes – we simply make a change, make an announcement, and move on! But as I thought about it, I realized that, while it may look effortless to others, there’s actually a process that we’ve developed sort of instinctively, and it involves understanding how we quantify our changes.

So here’s my thought: When you know you want to make some changes in how you’re doing business or how you’re going about your marketing, see if you can align 3 changes that you feel strongly about, and make them all at once. 3 changes, similar in scope, all at once. Why 3? Well, as Schoolhouse Rock taught me from a young age – it’s a magic number. But really, that number 3 as a guidepost is a strong marker. Here’s why.

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If you are so flexible as a business that you announce new changes EVERY time you make them (every 1 change), you’ll often find your audience becoming confused at all the novelty, and you’ll find your clients or customers confused and uncertain at your brand or your processes. 2 changes at once is roughly the same, though a stronger move. 

But by the time you get to a point of making 3 strong changes, you show a depth of leadership mixed with a willingness to experiment while maintaining a brand of consistency for your audience and clients. So what changes are you interested in making to your midwifery practice or birth center? Looking to change your schedules, your rotations, your EMR or paperwork? How about your brand? Maybe you’re looking to begin a blog for your birth center or a video series for your midwifery practice? Did you know that creating new content actually goes best when you use that new content in multiple ways all at once?

I want to hear your thoughts! Have you found yourself looking for a balance when making changes to your business? Holler and let me know. Want to bounce some ideas off me for your midwifery marketing? Let’s chat, anytime.

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