Marketing for Midwives: Win This Year

It’s no secret that we want midwifery to win big when it comes to marketing. I mean, it should be implied from our strong roots in the world of midwifery marketing, for birth centers, women’s health centers, and home birth midwifery practices. In our time doing the job, we’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t and the most surefire ways to win at marketing for midwives. So today, I’m going to try to condense years of knowledge into one quick 2 minute blog post to help you out this year. You ready? Me neither, but let’s go!

  1. Seek Useful Resources for Your Midwifery Marketing

Shameless plug here, but this blog and our Socially Unstable Podcast are PACKED full of useful information when it comes to marketing for midwives. Some of our most recent TOP blogs with tons of info are right here:

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  1. Go, Go, Go

You shouldn’t be afraid to try things, experiment, learn, and even fail sometimes when it comes to your marketing. If you are looking to grow your midwifery practice or birth center, you are going to need to try some new things. You’re going to need to experiment with new platforms and algorithms and formats. As long as you’re staying true to your brand in your midwifery marketing, there really is no way to truly FAIL by experimenting. You may just get some things wrong every now and then, and that’s OK. You won’t even notice as long as you’re applying speed to your process and always learning.

  1. Lean On Your Strengths

If you’re a writer, write blog posts with high SEO keyword value. If you’re a talker, start up that podcast and use it to create micro-content. If you’re a quipper, get that Twitter up and rocking with your random thoughts. If you’re a photo snob, get that Instagram looking sharp. Marketing for midwives does not have to follow one single equation. You should express your strengths in the places that make the most sense for you.

  1. Enlist Some Help

Yes, OK OK this is my plug at the end of the blog post. At some point when working on your marketing for your midwifery practice or birth center, you are going to want to go further, achieve more, and save yourself time. With success comes a serious lack of hours to dedicate to your marketing, but taking your foot off the gas will result in serious slowdowns. Enlisting help from a marketing agency like Marketing TEA can make all the difference in your midwifery marketing efforts.

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