Social Media Marketing for Midwives & Birth Centers

In the last few blogs, we’ve been sharing some in-depth techniques for marketing, advertising, web design, and even SEO for the midwifery industry. And we’re not stopping anytime soon! Today, let’s cover one of the biggest topics of all: Social Media Marketing for Midwives & Birth Centers. 

We all know how powerful of a tool social media marketing can be. It’s become the new defining characteristic of a successful marketing strategy to see whether your social media accounts are receiving engagement and growth. The metrics we use to measure success in social media marketing for midwives are all designed to help us understand whether or not you’re building a real relationship with your audience. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it a million more times: To achieve relationship-building on social media, everything starts with creating real content. You need to create something and put yourself out there to your audience. Videos, photos, blog posts, podcasts, you name it. Great social media presence, and therefore great social media relationships, simply won’t be achieved with stock photos and graphics. If your social media strategy for your midwifery practice or birth center does not currently involve real content, stop right now and make a plan for it.

Now, once you’ve got a great content strategy in place, you need to think about your plans for continuing management of your social media channels. Remember, you don’t need to be on every channel all the time. You just need to be on the platforms where your audience is most likely to be and the platforms where your brand will reflect the best. Long story short, we currently recommend having an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

However, just because you’re limiting your platforms doesn’t mean that social media management isn’t going to be a massive job. Someone will need to be dedicated to this, and we highly recommend that it be someone with a key understanding of your brand, not just a staff member with some extra time. A marketing pro is your best bet for consistency – the pros don’t get burned out from the task of managing your social media. In fact, we’ve found that as an agency we make great partners with your in-house social media manager by providing that backbone of consistency while they are a great fit for the small daily tasks like answering direct messages.

This is a key element of a solid strategy for social media marketing for midwives or birth centers: You need to make sure that the work done on social media is working for your continued ability to convert new leads to clients. We’ve covered this topic too in our blog about sales. Your social media strategy is there for a reason – to bring in new eyes, build new relationships, and convert strangers into clients. Make sure you’re following the pathway of that relationship all the way through to the very end. 

As your social media marketing evolves, we hope you maintain your focus on creating genuine relationships via these incredible new tools. And of course, if you want the best in the business to help you do that, that’s why we’re here – let’s chat.

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