Graphic Design in Marketing: Consider the Look

Lately, Marketing TEA has found ourselves doing some extra work in the realm of graphic design, and it’s led us to a realization that nearly everything you do with your marketing in one way or another relies on your ‘look’ and your graphic design. Of course, it’s something we already knew as a digital marketing agency, but it’s just one of those things that we take for granted. Since our team is filled with talented graphic designers, we’re very used to everything we do looking sharp, and sometimes we forget how tough it is for our midwifery clients to dive into.

We’ve talked in previous blogs about the idea of your brand having a consistent style. It’s something that we strive to bring to our clients content, from videos and photos to blog posts and beyond. You see, for us marketers, it’s sort of obvious that the things we create all ought to have a matching look and feel, and we have a lot of practice in doing it. But we also have the resources of skilled designers in every field to accomplish that. 

Now, if you’re on your own with your marketing, we want to encourage you to always consider your look when creating new content. Your brand, your colors, your fonts, should always serve as a throughline in everything you publish from your midwifery or birth center brand. There are useful tools to enable you to do this. Of course, we’re always going to advocate that a professional agency team like ours can do it better, faster, and cheaper, but what’s most important is that you get it done.

There are really two huge reasons why your graphic design is so important:


You want all the content from your brand to be recognizable by your audience. Our strategy at Marketing TEA revolves around a proactive approach – giving away information and building relationships with people via tools like social media. Without a consistent look, you end up inadvertently creating a disconnect between your content and your conversion (the moment a member of your audience visits your website to turn into a client). 


As a healthcare provider, you are constantly being evaluated by your potential clients for your professionalism. And while it might not make sense to judge a midwife’s skill by how modern their graphic design, website, or videos look, ask yourself if it would change your opinion when looking for a healthcare provider for your own needs… Wouldn’t a poorly-made brand make you second guess your decision on choosing a particular practitioner?

Here at Marketing TEA, we know it’s essential that all our clients put their best foot forward in their brand and graphic design, so for us, it’s a simple baseline that all clients receive. Let’s chat about improving your look sometime.

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