Midwifery Marketing Agency: Why Midwives Should Have a Marketing Agency

All too often, independent healthcare practices like midwifery practices and birth centers assume they wouldn’t be a good fit for the marketing agency model. But in our experience of 7 years working with midwives and birth centers all over the country, we beg to differ. As the premier midwifery marketing agency in the US, we can confidently say that not only does the agency model fit the world of midwifery, we know it to be a better fit than any other approach to midwifery practice marketing. Let’s talk about why.

First, let’s address the assumption that holds most people back from getting started with a marketing agency: assuming that it’s unaffordable. This is just about the easiest misconception in the world to clear up, for Marketing TEA at least. From the beginning, we’ve always kept our services affordable for those in the midwifery industry. 

Not only do we have customized packages that suit any size/age of practice, but we also make efficiency the key to what we do. We don’t waste hours on things that aren’t needed – we go right to the point. Most people we talk to are surprised when we show them that when we bring 1-2 new clients into their practice each month, we easily pay for ourselves. (And if we couldn’t accomplish that, we wouldn’t really have any business being marketers, would we?)

Consider, too, what cost savings a midwifery marketing agency provides as well. Since we’re remote, we don’t require an office, we don’t take sick days or vacation days, heck, we don’t even really take off any holidays. We’re here working in a way that a single individual can’t hope to compete with. 

Not to mention that when you hire an agency, you’re hiring a team of people, all of whom are absolute experts in the very specific thing you’re asking them to do. You aren’t working with one individual who is great at ads but terrible at writing copy. Nope, when you work with a midwifery marketing agency (us, Marketing TEA), you’re getting an advertising expert, a copy-writing expert, a strategy expert, a videography and photography expert, and on and on and on. It only works if your agency has amazing organization and communication. And that’s one area where Marketing TEA absolutely excels.

But let’s go one step further. In our experience working with midwives and birth centers, the main thing that holds them back from gaining marketing success is the assumption that their business isn’t a “big enough” deal in a sense to justify working with a marketing agency. This isn’t about money, it isn’t about client volume, it’s about the self esteem of the birth industry. 

On the contrary, Marketing TEA believes that this work, this healthcare paradigm, is some of the most important health work that is being done in the world. We think that midwifery practices deserve a marketing strategy that is bigger and better and louder than the competition. We believe in you, and that’s why we continue to bring you the best dang work that a midwifery marketing agency can do. So, are you ready to believe in yourself?

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