Marketing Strategy for Midwifery

We often talk about the WHAT of midwifery marketing, but we don’t often enough sit down and write about the unique marketing strategy for midwifery, whether we’re marketing for a midwifery practice or birth center. It’s not our goal in this chat to write some end-all be-all guidebook to marketing strategy (although that is a great idea for a future blog). Instead, we thought it might be helpful to distill some ideas down into an easily remembered formula for how we approach marketing for midwives. 

On that note, let’s talk about the 4 Cs of marketing strategy: (yes, we just came up with that)

Covering Bases

No strategy is complete without considering each area of your marketing approach and how you’ll address it. We actually break down our quarterly Custom TEA Blends (our quarterly client strategies) into 4 areas: Advertising, Content (which encompasses social media as well), Public Relations, and Website Work. Because we’re always considering each area of the strategy, we’re far less likely to miss something in our planning.

Content Creation

Nothing happens without content leading the way. For every message we want to send, we need a great piece of content to deliver that message. It’s core to everything we do here at Marketing TEA, so it gets the least space in this blog post. Check out any other blog post on the site and you’ll see why.


There just isn’t room for taking breaks when it comes to marketing strategy. This is probably the main reason why Marketing TEA is such a great fit for our clients – because you just don’t have time to continue the consistency that we’re going to deliver. The content must be created, the ads must be run, the email blasts must be sent, and on and on and on. Your audience needs to keep hearing from you, during busy times and slow times BOTH!


With all your other bases covered, you can have the confidence to think big about what you want for the future of your business. Because you have a solid strategy, you can intentionally make plans and look forward to the future! Many midwives and other business owners understand that it feels like a huge weekly win just to remember to make some post on social media, but it may leave you exhausted. And unfortunately, all you’ve managed to do is make it till next week. Once you have your strategy in line and everything is covered, you can finally as yourself, ‘What’s next?’

So, next time you’re thinking about your strategy, think about the 4 Cs of marketing strategy for midwifery, and think about how you can achieve the structure that your strategy needs in order for your practice to thrive. We’ll be here if you need us

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