Midwifery Marketing in 2024: Top Insights

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We finally made it to 2024, and here at Marketing TEA, we’ve just got this feeling that THIS is going to be the year where midwives have big wins in their marketing efforts. You ready to look into the future with us and think about all the great things that midwives can expect in the new year? Let’s dive right in on what we see coming for midwifery marketing in 2024…

  1. In 2024, Consistency Pays Off

We see you out there. If you’ve been following our advice, then you’ve been putting in the effort, creating unique, original content all about midwifery. You’ve been educating your community, becoming an expert and a resource for people looking for your midwifery services. You’ve been building the relationship that pays off over time with consistent new clients who become consistent returning clients, who refer all their network of friends and family to you, and so on and so forth. This type of network and business-building takes time and consistency, and because of your commitment to your community, 2024 is your year to notice the big changes in growth coming to your midwifery practice or birth center. But a key question is: Will you be ready to handle the new leads coming your way? As part of your midwifery marketing in 2024, believe it or not, you’ll also need a strong sales and business strategy…

  1. 2024 Will Show Who is Business-Savvy

With new interest for midwifery growing, you need to make sure that your midwifery practice or birth center is ready to handle the influx of interest. Developing a strong game plan when it comes to your conversions and sales is going to be crucial as you proceed (more on that here). But sales won’t quite be enough. You need to make sure you have good infrastructure and systems in place to keep your business running smoothly, keep your patient information safe, and keep you growing in an organized fashion – hint, hint: you probably need a strong IT team to help you handle your practice management. Practices and birth centers who don’t have a structure in place in 2024 will struggle noticeably, and that’s something that we hate to see.

  1. You May Need Help

Is it finally time to admit that you may need help? Keeping up with the fast pace of changes in the world marketing is nearly impossible – even for us pros! You certainly don’t have the time to do it, and as your business grows, it will make less and less sense for you to remain a marketing expert, knowledgeable about all the little intricacies of every social media platform, while also trying to actually run and grow a successful business. Please, get some help. It doesn’t have to be us – I mean, it probably should be us, but make sure that you are allocating your resources and making marketing a team effort so that it doesn’t fall by the wayside as you continue to grow. 

  1. Things Are Guaranteed to Change

If there’s one prediction about 2024 that we can make with absolute certainty, it’s that the game is going to change. Probably multiple times. Platforms will change, audiences will change, hot-button issues will change. You can rely on that change, and you can either fight it or go along for the wild ride with a team like ours at your side. The one thing you CAN control is your commitment to maintaining a strong strategy for your midwifery marketing in 2024. We hope you have an incredible year full of high highs and teeny-tiny little lows. Let’s go get it!

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